There are honestly so many things I love about Sseko but the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is the community. There is a special bond of friendships that happen when you become a Fellow and the relationships that happen with the amazing women in Uganda is so powerful. I love that we are all in this together. It’s not a race for someone to get there first, we are here to encourage one another and look at the bigger picture and dream together of an independent and bright future.


I just celebrated my one year anniversary as a Fellow this month! When I joined this company, I knew my journey was going to be a little slower than I wanted but I also needed to balance homeschooling my three kiddos, their activities and being a wife and momma first. I’m able to do that with Sseko and grow into what it looks like for me today as well as dream of what I want it to be tomorrow. I know that those dreams will become a reality for me.

When I started as a Fellow, I knew I would be stretched and pushed beyond my comfort level but I was ok with that. Without overcoming challenges, there can be no growth. I fell in love with the Sseko mission and story so I thought I could make a difference in just one life. That’s worth every moment of being challenged and needing to step out of my comfort zone because this is so much bigger then I am. I want to be bold for something I believe in so much. And you know what, in return, it’s been making a huge difference in my life and transforming my future.

Sseko has played a big part in helping me rebuild my confidence in who I am. I’m still processing that I was named Wonder Woman for the month of November. I didn’t even know what to think when Eliza (another Sseko Fellow who was Wonder Woman the previous month) said my name. That came in a time where I was feeling very defeated and felt that I wasn’t measuring up. So to hear someone say such wonderful things about me was hard to process but I knew I needed to believe it.

After a few days, I felt my confidence flood back in.

It’s amazing what kind of transformations can happen when we speak truth into each other’s lives. Please take this message and realize the confidence, power, and story and the impact you are making. Be bold. Be brave. You are strong and independent, courageous and thoughtful.

Go and make a difference, you already do.

If you would like to become a Sseko Fellow just like Jessica has, we would love to talk to you!

As a Sseko Fellow, you’ll be part of an incredibly supportive group of women, you’ll get to style and sell stunning fashionable products that make a difference in the lives of women across the globe, and you’ll earn an income for yourself and your family.


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