If 2020 has done nothing else, it has awoken many people to the injustices in the modern world. Though Covid-19 has dominated much of the headlines, lingering, systemic racism has been brought to mainstream attention in new ways this year. While news coverage may die down, our resolve to promote equality and equity must not.

As we round the corner towards 2021, it’s important we don’t forget everything we have learned thus far and that we constantly strive for better. If we’re going to improve and grow, we all must be open to learning, as anti-racism is a lifelong journey. 

So while it may be a little late to order a gift to arrive in time to be wrapped under the tree, it’s never too late to educate! If you have a fellow friend or family member interested in a more inclusive world, here are some resources that make for great last-minute grabs.

Be the Bridge 

Be the Bridge is an organization focused on education and reconciliation around the history of racial tension between people of color and white people. Their intention is to properly inform on a history that has been lost, abandoned, and whitewashed in order to properly ignite a conversation that can lead to justice. Using a God-centered approach, this organization is designed to close the gap between what people think they know and the truth through intentional education.

Someone interested in being a part of meaningful change can be gifted a “digital stocking stuffer” of sorts with the Be the Bridge 101: Foundational Principles Every White Bridge-Builder Needs to Understand (PDF Download)

There are education opportunities for both white people seeking to become action-driven allies and resources for people of color looking to reconcile their experiences. Either way, their education is an essential tool in the anti-racism toolbox

Check Your Privilege 

Check Your Privilege is a global movement that supports individuals on their journey of becoming actively anti-racist. Through their online co-conspirators lounge, workshops, and events they aim to deepen the awareness of how unconscious bias and the interlocking systems of domination affect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Marginalized Persons of Color.   

Too often, the desire to help can overshadow the BIPOC communities’ need for healing and space. Right now, the CYP team is offering a Holiday Bundle of some of its best classes for $97 and founder Myisha T. Hill tackles everything from white saviorism to space mindfulness in the comprehensive collection of education.

Rachel Ricketts

Rachel Ricketts is a force in the fight against white supremacy. As a lawyer, a queer Black woman, and a fearless activist, Rachel neither shames nor shies away. Her courses, content, and upcoming book are sure to be a turning point for anyone who is ready to get off the bench and into the game when it comes to confronting the world we currently live in. 

Her Spiritual Activism 101 course is a premier course for anyone looking to embark on this journey. The (secular) spiritual approach to the work will penetrate your mind and touch your soul, awakening the tools necessary for anyone to begin this journey. 

“A Kids Book About”

If we’re being honest, we know that the best shot this world has is in our youth. Educating kids early on about how to treat one another is a crucial component to changing the world. When Jelani Memory wrote his first book “A Kids Book About Racism”, it was intended for his own blended family to address the reality of being Black in a mature, but approachable way. 

It has since become a crucial learning tool in homes around the world for addressing difficult issues with children. 

This year, your kids, nieces, and nephews could be given the gift of awareness and compassion with a subscription box to “A Kids Book About” where they will not only learn about racism, but other tough topics needed to thrive in this world like money, failure and more. 

As we look to next year, we should all be thinking of ways we can grow and expand. Drop your suggestions for the best educational programs to help combat some of our society’s toughest issues below and be a part of the change.

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