In celebration of mothers everywhere, we checked in with a few Sseko Fellows and Sseko Uganda partners for a quick chat! We wanted to know why our busy moms wanted to be a part of Sseko while juggling diapers, meal planning, sleeping (hopefully) and balancing time with their families. Mom knows best! We also asked our experienced moms to share some advice for all those Mamas-to-be out there!



Sseko has helped me become a professional with a career. #bosslady! (Aggie has been with Sseko since the beginning and started as an Intern. She has risen to General Manager of Sseko Uganda, and is a total Boss Lady!) Working with Sseko has helped my family a lot through income and helped me to be a good mother by learning from the other mothers that I work with. I can afford to send my daughter, Abi, to school and a nanny to take care of my two other little ones.

My children are very proud of me, especially Abi who is older and understands what I do more. She knows I am a professional and loves telling people about my office. I feel very connected to our Sseko Fellows and enjoy learning about them when they come to visit. We have the same goals of empowering women and creating better lives for each other.

Oooh New Mothers! First, thank you for taking on the challenge. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. Remember, you are perfect the way you are and no mother is imperfect. Love your kiddos the way they are, you will do your best for them and that is all you can do.



Running my business as a mother with a full-time corporate job is an incredible balancing act, but has taught me how to use every moment of my time wisely. The flexibility of having my Sseko business allows me to balance my full -time job while still being present with my daughter. My daughter knows my Sseko colleague, Sharon, in Uganda from the photos I show her and asks about “Mommy’s friends” (my teammates!)

Sseko has contributed financially to my family’s goals and has paid for my daughter’s daycare in FULL for several months!

One piece of advice for new mothers…forgive yourself.
You’re just as new at this as the baby is! You’re both learning.
Be patient and give yourself grace.



Sseko has given me a chance to grow my Accounting career in a bigger perspective. I have a chance to work with women and girls that add value to my country and help women empowerment. This has always been my passion!
I am happy to be able to financially contribute to my immediate family, parents and extended family. Two of my daughters are in school and my youngest is still a toddler.

Spending time with Sseko has given me the courage and charisma to always be better with each passing day. It has also helped me and my family to always strive to achieve our monthly and annual goals, we live happily as a family! My children are so proud to have such a hard working mom. Michelle wants to become a doctor and Myra wants to be an Accountant, like her mom!

My advice to new mothers is to plan for their children, so when they come they can feel prepared and enjoy their bundles of joy right from birth without any stress. Always love your children no matter the situation. And always be exemplary, you are their greatest role models.



Currently, I am a stay at home mother. Sseko works with my lifestyle because I am not required to “work” certain hours. I can use naptime and bedtime as time to use for my Sseko business. I love being able to have a job that is so flexible! Sseko makes it easy to find pockets of time that allow me to run the business while not taking my time away from the most important people in my life.

Being a Sseko Fellow has allowed my kids to see mom not only working hard but working to serve others. I want them to see that the world is much bigger than what is in front of them, and it is our job to take care of one another.

I wish when I was becoming a mother, someone would’ve told me to just relax and enjoy the moment. Also, there is not one certain way to do things: you do you, what works for your family will not always work for everyone else, and that’s ok.



Working with Sseko Uganda has helped me and my family a lot. The income I get can help my husband to provide the basic needs of our family. It has also helped on my delivery of my child, which can be very expensive. I was able to afford the right doctor and good quality medical attention. I now have two children, one is starting school and my newborn.

Being a part of Sseko Uganda has contributed to my family goals and values by helping me realize through hard work you can achieve everything. Now my children can see that their father AND mother can provide for them through their hard work. My child wants to be a doctor and plays pretend doctor with me.

My advice to new mothers is to be strong and stand up for your family!



by: Baylee Brown

I am a mom of 3 young boys and a full-time teacher. I am busy! I find time to share Sseko with others because I am passionate about what we do!

Since becoming a Sseko Fellow, I’ve been able to allow myself self-care each month, which can look different each month. Self-care can be girl-time at a trunk show with mimosas, other months it’s a pedicure and manicure. I even purchased my Summit ticket, the annual gathering of Fellows nationwide, with my commission this year- paid in full!

New moms, always find a little YOU time! You will feel better, which will help you be the best mom for your kids.

An overarching sentiment gathered from chatting to our Sseko mamas is that value in identity, title, and place in life doesn’t have to revolve around being “mom”. There is great comfort in continuing to add to your “why”. Don’t forget: motherhood is merely one aspect of your life and taking care of yourself and your needs makes for a happy mama and happy family. You can be a great mother and a businesswoman, a wife, a fashionista, a friend. Take it from our wise women above! Make this Mother’s Day a celebration of all that you are in addition to being an amazing mom!

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