Sit back and relax, Omega is all ears.

After watching a member of her community experience a mental breakdown, Omega decided she wanted to study psychiatry to help others in similar situations. Her favorite way to spend her time is “jazzing” around with her friends! In case you’re not up on your Ugandan slang (we weren’t), it means that you can catch her hanging out, talking and joking with her friends.

Omega’s going to be with us for the next 9 months as part of our 2017 University bound team in Uganda! At the end of her 9 months, we’ll be double her savings to send her off to University so she can start pursuing her dreams. While Omega is working hard in Uganda, there’s a tribe here in the US called the Sseko Fellows, who are working hard towards earning Omega an ADDITIONAL scholarship. How cool is that?!

Want to send Omega off to University with an additional scholarship? Join team Sseko as a Sseko Fellow and let us know you’d like to make Omega your sole sister for 2017!

Become a Sseko Fellow here!

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