We are so thrilled to introduce to you the bright, young women in the Sseko Scholars Class of 2020!

Sseko Scholars program

Sseko Designs started in Uganda 10 years ago with a dream to use business to create community and opportunity for the brightest women in east Africa to continue their education and become leaders in their communities.

Sseko’s impact is not in charity work, but rather in giving great jobs and scholarships to women who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend university. Every year, some of the most academically gifted young women graduate from a rigorous and competitive high school in Uganda and prepare for college. They’ve tested into college and have incredible ambition, but paying for college is a challenge for many … that’s where their Sseko story begins.

In the Sseko Scholars program, these young women join our employment program during the nine-month gap between secondary school and university, saving part of their income to pay for university. They receive life skills training, learn to produce beautiful products, are paired with professional mentors, and get valuable formal work experience. At the end of their term, Sseko matches their savings by 300%! Every woman who has graduated from Sseko has gone on to pursue higher education and is on her way to making our world a more beautiful place.

Meet the Class of 2020

From aspiring engineers to journalists to psychologists, our Sseko Scholars are on their way to changing the world and helping those in need, one degree at a time.

Read a few of their incredible aspirations:

“I want to be a lawyer. I want to use law as a way for fighting corruption in Uganda and helping the vulnerable women and young people.” —Kiyuba Jennah

“I want to do biomedical engineering to inspire other young women who feel like engineering is only for men.” —Phionah Sr.

“I want to study psychology to help South Sudanese recover from the war and trauma.” —Viola Joyce Malish

“I want to do pediatrics. I want to impact the health of the little one in my community, Uganda, and beyond.” –Whitney

Watch the video below to hear even more …

We are so thrilled to welcome these incredible young women in our program and cannot wait to see all that they will accomplish. Thank you for playing a role in their Sseko stories!

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