Mothers Day is quickly approaching (Oh, you didn’t know? You’re welcome.) The Sseko workshop in Kampala now employs 8 mothers. And get this: they range in age from young 20’s to upper 50’s. Talk about a support group! We have hip, young moms who dress in the latest fashions and have dreams for their young babies. We also have older mums who watch their kids graduate and pass out invitations to their weddings.  

There are about 15 children of Sseko mothers. These children have homes, there is food on the table, and they are able to attend school, thanks to their mothers’ hard work and endless dedication to them. We count ourselves blessed to know these women and be part of their lives. Their strong, independent, firey spirits are raising just as strong and independent children. Their daughters are learning their value and equal place in this world. Their sons are learning respect and hard work from watching their mothers.

Remember Robinah and baby Blessing? Baby Blessing is growing into a the cutest little baby you’ve ever seen. She smiles and laughs and babbles, and we wish she could come to work with Robinah every day.

Remember Allen and Shiraz? Shiraz is in her second year of school now. She still LOVES learning and LOVES wearing her school uniform. She still loves dancing and singing, and she still has the sassiest attitude a little girl could possibly have.

This past year, Auntie Florence’s daughter got married, and many of the Sseko women were able to join the festivities. Auntie Florence made a beautiful Mother of the Bride and is now a proud mother in law!

So from our mothers to you and yours:

Happy Mothers Day! Mothers make the world go ‘round, and we’d be lost without all of our mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and strong female figures in our lives.

From Sseko with love!

Auntie Flo and her three beauties.

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