Today we are introducing the Brave Necklace, the newest way to wear your story. Available in two lengths and three styles, this necklace will serve as a reminder of where you have been, inspiration for where you are going and a symbol of what lies within you. Piece by piece, each unique Brave Necklace will tell your story.



Like the Brave Bracelet, the Brave Necklace is a handcrafted necklace designed to be worn with interchangeable charm “pieces” that easily slide on and off. Each piece you add to your necklace signifies a moment, decision or dream. (You can use the same pieces from your Brave Bracelet, too!)


We are especially excited about the launch of our Brave Necklaces because they are a representation of our ever-expanding product line coming out of Uganda! Each necklace (and every item from our Brave Jewelry collection) is handcrafted at our workshop in Uganda—so not only is your purchase helping us grow our impact there, but it’s handmade by a young woman working to attend university. We are so impressed by the new skills our team has picked up. Moving from sandal-making to jewelry-making is no small feat!


To celebrate the launch of our Brave Necklace, we asked a couple of our favorite courageous women to reflect on the moments, decisions and dreams that have shaped them—and share with us what it means to be brave.

Laura Arbo: “Bravery is doing the right thing in the face of extreme opposition. I’m currently volunteering with a group of women in a drug and alcohol recovery program and they’re truly inspiring and brave souls. They’ve willingly checked themselves into a two year program where they’ll be isolated from all they’ve known to start a journey that will help them remain sober for themselves and for their families. It’s an extremely difficult process – physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Some of the ladies have chosen to leave the program without finishing but there are many who willingly stay. That, to me, is bravery.”

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Laura’s wearing a piece of Hope on her Short Brave Necklace.

Ashley Campbell: “When everything in you is saying, “Stay here.” or “Go back!”, bravery is taking that next step forward and choosing to believe that what is in front of you, whether you see it or not, is worth the risk.”

Ashley’s wearing a piece of Patience on her Leather Brave Necklace


Jenn Stark: “To me, it doesn’t mean not being afraid. It means doing things, things that scare me and push me out of what feels comfortable. It means hiking next to cliffs, even though I’m terrified of heights. It means speaking out for something I believe in, even though it feels scary to put myself out there. It means putting my own fears aside for long enough to do something that will truly help someone else. Each time I feel that little surge of anxiety, I remind myself that pushing past all those self-made obstacles is the only way to discover new things and gain clarity about what I’m truly made of.  And I usually end up surprising myself, accomplishing things I thought I couldn’t. Or I find that the thing I was afraid of wasn’t all that bad. I find that I’m made of tougher stuff than I might have thought.”

Jenn Stark wears our Long Gold Chain with a piece of Vision.

Jenn Stark wears our Long Gold Chain with a piece of Vision.


What does it mean to you to be brave? Tell your Brave Story with our NEW necklace collection! >>

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