Meet Sharon. Sharon is the manager of the Strap Team and our most recent Employee of the Month. Sharon began working with Sseko last July (2011).

Sharon is a trained seamstress, who has become an expert strap maker in her time at Sseko. Sharon was chosen to be a Team Leader because of her dedication, positive attitude, ability to humbly lead others, and her exemplary willingness to learn. She is compassionate towards her colleagues and is incredibly patient and gracious to those around her. That is also why she was selected as Employee of the Month.

If Sharon weren’t a seamstress at Sseko, I could imagine her in two different careers.

1.      A storyteller. Sharon has a dramatic way of speaking. Her voice rides a roller coaster of intonation. She can lower her voice for dramatic effect, and in the same sentence she might be nearly singing like a high pitched songbird. It makes me want to curl up under a blanket and listen to her tell me an old folk lore or read to me a fairytale.

2.     My next career choice for Sharon is: preacher. Sharon is passionate. She has her beliefs, and she is quick to share them.  She jokes about wanting to marry a preacher and become a preacher’s wife, but I can also imagine Sharon herself being a preacher. She would raise her voice and shake her fists and most likely lead a tent revival.

For now, Sharon is a seamstress and team leader at Sseko Designs. And this month’s Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Sharon!

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