there are people who love their ssekos.

and then there are the kims of the world.

kim is a sseko enthusiast and connoisseur. her styling skills are top notch and she always makes sure to share pretty little photos of her ssekos with us. and as far as i can tell, kim will share the sseko story with anyone who’ll listen. LOVE. 

on top of that she is artsy, crafty and a DIY-er to boot! (check out her blog and shop, Oh Sweet Joy. and as lovers of handmade and ethical fashion, please check out her adorable dress line!)

sseko supporters like kim make my job so. much. fun. every time i see her tweet a Sseko pic, i feel like a proud mama bear, seeing her little baby out in the word, turning heads 🙂

so, if you are just joining us for 30 Days//30 Ways, check out a few of Kim’s photos from the last few months and be inspired!!

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