by: Sara Chambers

As we wrap up 2020 and we have all the magical seasonal vibes, we want to make a few wishes for our community. We know it has been a year unlike any other, but we believe greatness is still in the cards for anyone with pluck.

Whether you’re a Sseko Fellow, scholar, host, customer, or a person out there working hard and looking for light, we want these things for you.


No, this isn’t a Miss America pageant. What we wish for is your peace of mind. Lightness in your heart. And contentment in your soul. 

We have watched Sseko Fellows outperform years passed in one of the most uncertain seasons of all our lives. We’ve been in awe as we watched our teams in Uganda, India, Ethiopia, and more adapt to a chaotic climate. And we’ve delighted in the ways that hosts held virtual get-togethers with their friends. 

All of this made us feel at peace in a time where things felt messy and unpredictable. So for you, whoever your team is, and whatever your goals are, we wish you to be surrounded by people who bring you peace. Tenacity, community, and a common goal can unite people all over the world. Find those things and never let go!


Everyone is entitled to grief, fear, and pain. This year hit in ways no one could foresee. And yet, we know joy is possible in even the darkest of days. It’s okay to feel happy. It’s okay to carve out pockets that are just for feeling better. For some, that may mean buying the bag they can’t stop eyeing. For others, it could mean kicking off a business idea they’ve been hesitating to launch. But it’s what we all need right now. We wish joys, big and small, for all!


Impact is big over here at Sseko. We love taking one action and multiplying it by two… or three, or four, or five, or infinity. One purchase from Sseko could mean a paycheck for a Sseko Fellow, an education for a Ugandan maker, and a high-quality gift for the recipient of the product. Our circle understands that one small act can reverberate across the globe. Find that thing for you! We wish for opportunities to present themselves to you that open up doors not just in your life, but in the lives of people all around you. 


Embrace the phase you’re in. Whether you are homeschooling kids, starting a new and unexpected career, or making a move across the country, we’re wishing for you to find the strength to embrace wherever you are at. 

This year, we saw Sseko Fellows go all-out styling and marketing their Sseko looks while they were stuck indoors. We were in awe as our staff got crazy resourceful in response to the crisis. And we know a lot of people took the first-time plunge into small business life by joining our team to help secure their family’s future. 

We may not be able to change all the things going on around us, but we are hoping you find a way to embrace all that is good.


More than anything, we wish growth for you and your family. Right now is a time that is begging for thinkers, innovators, and dreamers. Don’t stay stuck in 2020. Grow beyond the confines this year has put on us. Seek opportunities, pluck up, and push onward. This has been a heavy season of growth for our community. And it can certainly be hard. But it’s also so worth it. We’re wishing you the strength and stamina it takes to grow because we know great things for you and the world are waiting on the other side!

Our adoration and amazement over our crew could not be higher. We know all the muck won’t be left behind in 2020, but our wish for everyone is that they live up to their full potential and fill themselves with peace and joy as we plunge into 2021, hearts open and on fire!

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