We are so here for fuzzy socks, oversized sweatshirts, a cup of #TogetherCoffee, and some couch time while we get into the best binging, browsing, and buying season of the year. There are so many amazing women to celebrate out there and we have loved getting to know other fashion brands, hearing stories from perspectives all over the country and the world, and get cuddled up with some great reads and life-changing lessons. Don’t forget to share the BIPOC artists, creators and educators you’re listening to and learning from in the comments!


When she was twelve years old, Azere made a promise to her dying father that she would marry a Nigerian man and preserve her culture. Even after immigrating to Canada, her intent was set. As she entered the dating arena her mother became a personal matchmaker, setting her up with anyone she could find to help her fulfill her vow. Azere must decide if she will honor her family’s wishes or follow her heart in this tale of two desires by Nigerian/Canadian author Jane Igharo. Get Ties That Tether today. 


Rebirth Garments is designing for the too-often disregarded in the fashion industry. Sky creates wearables and accessible accessories for all genders, abilities and sizes in an effort to bring inclusivity to the fashion world. One of the most beautiful things about design is its ability to create space for anyone and Sky is making a splash in the world with access and inclusion. 


This podcasted documentary series is an eye-opening experience that peers into the lives of Black women giving birth in America. From stories about the Black birthing process from the perspective of obstetrics to agency from day one through the lens of a Dallas-based doula, crisis and joy overlap in a must-have conversation for our times. If you aren’t yet aware of the health concerns for birthing mothers in America and how that disproportionately impacts women of color, this a series that will help awaken you to a real threat impact our sisters here in the U.S. are facing when entering motherhood.


In this turbulent “back-to-school” season, many moms are having to make hard choices about education. They are having to think deeply about how and by whom their children are being taught. They are fighting to craft an education for their kids that is safe, socially-minded, and upholds their values. It’s a tall order many have never been more confronted with than they are in 2020 and in this time, expert voices like Saira Siddiqui are needed. She describes herself as an unschooler who helps folks think critically, unpack bias & limiting beliefs, and raise global citizens. She is featured in major publications like NPRForbes, and Parents, but Saira’s Instagram is loaded with info both in her feed and her highlights that can help you dive into her philosophy, her experience, and her education as she forges her own path using a powerful, intent-driven voice. 

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