We officially have travel brain. Whether you’re taking your first vacation since summer 2019 or you have a staycation on the books, all our minds tend to wander a bit this time of year. As things reopen and we prep for travel or just the summer slows down, we’ll be taking these gems with us.

As for the Sseko team, our mind usually goes to Uganda. Where does your mind go?


This month, Najwa Zebian debuted her memoir Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul. While we may be in “get out of the house” mode, it is an impactful metaphor for self-discovery and internal peace. 

The New York Times bestselling author Mari Andrew had this to say:

“The world tells us to be authentic, but Najwa Zebian teaches us how to be authentic. This book is a master class in self-actualization and compassion. For anyone who has ever asked ‘How do I find myself?’ or ‘How do I forgive myself?’ or ‘How do I learn to love myself?’ Najwa has your answers. She’s written us a lovely guide that teaches us how to find home within ourselves—what a gift.”

While you’re traveling take the time to search within. In her portrayal of leaving Lebanon for Canada, told through poetry, personal stories, and teachings, Najwa gives us a beautiful look into what exploring your mind can do to change yourself and the world around you. 


If you want an earful of adventure you have to check out Kellee Edwards’ podcast Let’s Go Together. This travel podcast shares diverse stories of exploring the world through captivating interviews that will end with you buying plane tickets. Episodes like Creating Systematic Sustainable Travel Experiences and Stories from a Female Park Ranger hit on some of our favorite subjects. 

Empowering, heart-filled, and full of unique perspectives, Let’s Go Together will have you learning and growing with every listen. 


There are so many travel bloggers in the world to follow it’s hard to choose just one who has a plethora of resources and a wide-reaching journey. For us, that person is Singaporean traveler Nellie over at Wild Junket. She has the goal of visiting every country in the world and she’s nearly there. 

From Colombia to Egypt, Curacao to Switzerland, you can get lost in an Instagram of wonders. But the best, most educational aspect is her blog. Especially with the wildly different world, we’re living in today, Nellie keeps everyone up to date on what she knows about restrictions and openings around the world. 

All you have to do to get the travel bug is click on her Destinations page and then choose any country. You’ll be met with blog post after blog post of places to go, things to see and experiences to be had. 


You don’t have to cross an ocean to experience a totally different scene and culture. HBO’s show Betty debuts its second season this month and we are here for the skateboarding ladies of New York City streets. 

You feel like you’re riding shotgun with real people, and not even a few wink-nudge moments can break the spell (non-skaters will recognize the name brand celebrity who makes a cutesy cameo, while a quick glimpse of someone from a simpatico series on the network suggests a future crossover episode). Betty gives you the privilege on skating a mile in these womens’ shoes and letting you into their experience, the good and the bad and the sexist and the unfair and the ugly of it all.” – Rolling Stone

We’re all ready to get back out into the world. And sometimes that comes in the form of a trip. Other timed it  involves living experiences through other people’s eyes. Where are you going this summer?

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