Many of our Sseko employee’s are not only skilled workers and valuable assets to the Sseko team but are entrepreneur’s as well, successfully running their own small businesses. Some of the women are tailors, some are bead and jewelry artists, some sell clothes, and some make food products.



Robina is one of our girls from the Sseko Class of 2013. She has flourished during her time at Sseko, learning the importance of hard work and dedication. Off to university this fall, she has decided to start her own small business on the side, making and selling peanut butter. We like to refer to it as RobiNUT butter, a pun on her name, but she has dubbed her smooth spreads, Irresistible Peanut Butter. Here in Uganda, ground nuts, or g-nuts, a smaller version of a peanut, are what are used to make peanut butter.


Robina roasts the g-nuts on her charcoal stove and then shells them, after which she takes them to town to be ground and then distributes them into individual containers that proudly display her brand. A few months after starting her business, Robina is now working to improve and expand her product line into flavored peanut butters to cater to a larger clientele. She is currently working on developing varieties such as Rocky Road, cinnamon and honey, and chocolate. We are excited to watch her creatively grow her business and develop her entrepreneurial skills.


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