We know that finding the perfect open-toed flat can be a challenge. Let’s face it, too often finding quality and style in a sandal is tough. You can either find every color of rubber sandal under the sun, or really high-quality leather, but only in a few (often expensive) style selections.

We wanted to revolutionize the sandal season, but we knew we couldn’t do it alone. That’s why our sandals come three ways:

  • Limited-time seasonal silhouettes and colored leather
  • Ribbon sandals with dozens of interchangeable looks
  • Custom shop sandals designed entirely by you

If you want sandals that will actually last for years, look good in casual and formal settings and represent you and your style, there is something for everyone here.  

Seasonal Sandals

During the release of our warm weather lines (Spring and Summer), you’ll often see footwear designed specifically for those launches. A luxurious new leather color exclusive to a season or silhouette you’ve never seen before is a common accompaniment to our apparel and bags. 

You can design entire wardrobes from the feet up with our intentionally designed capsules aimed at using the boldest, brightest colors of the year. 

Ribbon Sandals

One of our favorite ways to customize and adapt your sandal to any outfit is through our line of Ribbon Sandals. There are so many ways to make this look your own.

Start with the base. We have a number of heel heights, leather colors, and looks to build on. Then the fun really starts. With usually a dozen or so ribbons to choose from in varying colors and patterns, you can mix and match with the outfit, the season, or your mood. And then there’s the tie. Go for something saucy that wraps your whole calf. Something subtle that pairs with a skirt. Or a big bow in the back that adds a wow factor!

We’ve seen so many elaborate tying methods over the years and we know that there are still many to be discovered. 

Custom Sandals

The final option for fully customized and completely unique looks happens in our Custom Shop. This is where you really get to let your style run wild. Choose from a varied selection of our sandal silhouettes. From the traditional T-strap to pretty and comfortable Ankle Wraps and sweet Slides, there is a wide range of shapes to choose from.

Once you’ve picked your shape, the leather options vary in both color and texture. Go for a shiny metallic or opt for a hair-on leather. Either way, you can go ultra-vibrant carefully selected color blocks or seductive solids. 

Whether you’re matching the sandal to a bathing suit for vacation or creating a line of looks for your wedding party, you can be assured the quality is always the same, but the look you come up with is 100% you.

Sandals are often the underdogs of the shoe world. If you’re wanting to up your sandal game, put your own design skills behind it and create something you’ll want to wear for years to come. Explore more here!

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