A few years ago, I was asked to speak at a photography conference in Portland. Odd, you see, because I am not a photographer (but this is another matter altogether.) But the conference was happening literally four blocks away from our office and it seemed to be a rad gathering of folks from around the country…so I obliged!

Good thing, because that’s where I first crossed-paths with Caroline and Jayden Lee of Team Woodnote.


Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing


In addition to being some of the best photographers in the land (really, check out their work!) Caroline and Jayden are kindred souls in their efforts to use creative, people-centric business to make change for women and girls. (Check out their baby— Elephant Landing. Working to create opportunities for women in India through stunning products like pillows, table cloths and throws!) Um, hello, sister (and brother) from another mister.

Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing

We’ve been finding ways to work together ever since we first met, but this spring is the first time we’ve officially combined forces to create THREE exclusive products—The Eden D’Orsay & Moon Clutch and the Pineapple Bucket Bag!

Both the kitchsy-chic lady face print and the pineapple print are designs Jayden and Caroline dreamed up to incorporate into their home goods line. But we knew we couldn’t stop there! I just knew that lady face print NEEDED to end up on my shoes…but how?!


Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing
Enter in…the Sseko D’Orsay! The newest addition to the Sseko footwear family, this little number is exactly what we dreamed it would be. Feminine, chic and sophisticated but with a light and airy feel that makes them the perfect little shoe to transition through the seasons. We love that the D’orsay is just a little more dressy than your typical sandal (and no need for a pedicure!) but a just a touch more fancy free than your traditional shoe with a barely there ankle wrap.


(All lovingly hand-crafted in Ethiopia from locally sourced materials…DUH!)

While in the midst of designing the D’orsay, I it was the PERFECT home for that lady-face love. I chose a straight-out-of-the 80’s fuchsia (that took us SEVEN tries to perfect! Fuchsia dye is tricky!) mostly because this shoe deserves nothing less than mother nature’s most poppy, funky color. But I also wanted the face design to be a somewhat subtle addition to the kicks. I love that at first glance, you may not even pick up on the kitschy design, but upon closer inspection, it’s just about the most fun surprise you could hope to find when getting a second glance at these perfectly punchy kicks.
Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing

After much searching (my Ethiopian taxi driver and I are BFFs you guys) I was THRILLED to discover a partner who could screen print directly onto leather. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Oh, the places we’ll go!!)

We couldn’t stop there, so we added the Lady Face to the moon clutches, too! And we incorporated Elephant Landing’s best-selling pineapple print onto our canvas and leather bucket bag to create the perfect fun & casual bag to join you on your most summery adventures.

Having friends who push you to dream big is quite a gift. Getting to work alongside those friends and dream together is just the living best.

Sseko Designs x Elephant Landing

We hope you love what we dreamt up and love even more knowing that your purchase from this collection is going to help inspire, educate and empower women in East Africa AND India!


Liz (and Caroline!)

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