A Lea Story:

Lea’s first hairdo after high school–which requires boys and girls alike to keep their heads closely shaved–represented a new life stage as much as her diploma. So as a new graduate, a university-bound young woman, Lea showed off new hair that twisted its way in cute curlicues around her head. Still, Lea’s not out to make any big statement. Personality-wise she exudes serenity and harmony, satisfied to work while humming to herself–hymns and year-round Christmas carols, mostly. For her a good work ethic is all about peaceful relationships, and she brings a placid, lake-like happy calm in and out every day. Sometimes, especially when she comes in neatly dressed in Mary Janes and a long skirt, we call her Little Leah on the Prairie–Lea’s so sweet you just can’t help but start coming up with terms of endearment.




Lea is currently pursuing a degree in Business Studies and Education at Kyambogo University. She plans to graduate in November of 2014. Lea wants to become a serious, responsible business woman, who influences positive change, especially in the younger generations. She dreams of establishing a foundation that influences youth and inspires them to live with integrity.

Sseko was Lea’s first job. In her time at Sseko, she learned how to work hard as a woman and learned all that she is capable of. It was a rewarding time of growth and empowerment for her. She was a valuable friend to many of the staff at Sseko, and she learned to fill a role of compassionate friend and supporter. Lea tells us, “I was inspired creatively and innovatively at Sseko.”

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