We’ve got our eye on Maureen—mostly because she is notorious for pulling hilarious pranks. And her impressions are rather impeccable. When asked to impersonate Liz Bohannon, she boldly took the challenge. (Who doesn’t love a girl willing to impersonate her boss to her face?) She stood up and started moving quickly around the room, giving hive fives and squeals of delight. “You’re always moving about. So quickly. Like you’re exercising everywhere you go!” She’s got jokes. But she also has a more serious side.




After watching her older sister get pregnant and drop out of school, she has become passionate about the issue of abstinence. For her, pursuing her education and career is just too important to be jeopardized by an unexpected pregnancy. In fact, during her time at secondary school, she started a student organization dedicated to mentoring younger female students on the steps they need to take to ensure they are able to continue pursuing their dreams.

Moreen is currently attending Kyambogo University and pursuing a degree in Management Science. Moreen dreams of starting her own business and becoming a successful manager.

We know that Maureen’s plan to pursue a Management degree will be well grounded by her attitude in the Sseko workplace. She tells us that her experience has taught her how to communicate with coworkers of different tribes despite the difference in category and age. She says that “even though we are young girls, we have learned to handle differences and appreciate people so that we can work in a good environment, hand-in-hand.” When reflecting on things she has learned about herself, she told us she has learned not to fear things she cannot do well immediately. Some stages of production were a struggle at first but with time, persistence and coaching she was able to reach her daily goals. With confidence, she smiles and she declares, “My time at Sseko taught me to be determined and set personal goals.”

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