Attending: Elgon Technical School

Studying: Electrical Engineering

With her long braids pulled back and her studious –looking spectacles, it is easy to see that Phiona is a researcher. And it is research that brought her to join team Sseko in the first place. She explains that while she was still in high school, she heard former Sseko women talking about the company and inquired to learn more.

“You have to know what you want in life. Sseko is not a place to be idle” Phiona tells us. She became an expert at wrapping and quality checking.  And explains that wrapping occurs at the end of the production stage and it is here that quality is checked for the last time. With her hands she tells me, “I can distinguish between a good or bad finished product.  I also learned about reporting production quantities.  It helps to know and understand your production goal and to be able to report that for your team.”

This precise, hardworking woman learned she can cooperate with her coworkers no matter the age difference.  She was able to take instruction from a manager near her own age and exchange work ideas with the most experienced production professionals.  Phiona had the chance to witness her advice that “A good leader does not put themselves above others but must communicate with respect.” Her brightness and inquisitive nature will surely lead her down a path of success in Electrical Engineering.

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