Although I’ve always loved a good life hack, being a mama of a BUSY toddler (and his soon to be little brother!) has made me a FOOL for anything that can save a little time, energy or sanity.

To be honest, I’ve never had a strong loyalty to a specific line of baby products. I’m more like a once I get particularly desperate I’ll run to Target while likely multitasking on a conference call and shove something that looks remotely like what I need into the cart kinda mom. WHATEVER WORKS.

BUT. Then, I met the lovely folks at Munchkin! We met at the Alt Summit conference and I was blown away by the care and intention they put into designing products that serve mamas and their kiddos. When I shared a little about Sseko and the work we are doing to create community and opportunity for women in East Africa and right here in the U.S., I was floored by how excited they were to support our work!

 We had a group of Sseko Fellows (the women who earn an income by sharing the Sseko story and styling their friends!) travel to Uganda last month to meet our Ugandan colleagues (and have the #girlstrip of a lifetime!) and they were able to carry over and gift our mamas in Uganda with ALL the latest and greatest baby swag, courtesy of Munchkin!

If there is one way to my heart, it’s by taking care of and spoiling my favorite people. Not only do I love Munchkin for their support of our global mama community but I’ve discovered a few of their products that have seriously changed the game for us as a family, too!

The first (and most glamorously) is their diaper pail. Y’ALL, we had diaper pail WOES that I will not even go into detail about. My tiny child can STINK UP A ROOM. I am in love with this sleek and smart design that makes getting rid of diapers a breeze and keeps Theo’s room smelling nice and fresh.

Speaking of diapers, their changing station is my new favorite addition to Theo’s diaper bag (which happens to be this classy, stunning, hand-crafted leather backpack because just because you have a baby does not mean you can’t have serious bag-swag!) It holds diapers, wipes and coconut oil (which I use for EVERYTHING including toddler tooshes) and folds out to create a clean space to change his diaper WHEREVER we may be. (And let me tell you, as a globe-trotting working mama, this boy has been changed in some less than ideal places!)

From convenient car-seat clips (LOVE THESE) to Theo’s new favorite sippy cup, Munchkin really does make products that are both kid and mama approved.

Someone recently asked me what I am most proud of, and I think one of my greatest joys is building a global company that allows mamas — whether in East Africa or here in the U.S.!– to cultivate their passions through a career they love while raising their babies and building beautiful families.

Our supportive and connected sisterhood — from those who work in our manufacturing and design in Africa to the Sseko Fellows all across the country — gives women the courage to DREAM BIG. From launching their own impact businesses to traveling across the world to meet our East African colleagues and have the adventure of a lifetime, having a team of women who are in it with you and cheering you on makes nothing seem impossible!

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