Along with providing sustainable employment for our amazing Sseko women in Uganda, we provide a comprehensive social impact program for them, educating them on topics including budgeting and financial skills, computer training, English classes, health and first aid training. At Sseko, we believe that by creating an environment of dignity, honor, dedication and education, marginalized women in East Africa can pursue their dreams, improve their communities and make the world a more just and beautiful place.

This week we had a training for the women on Family Planning, an important topic that is rarely addressed and is surrounded by much stigma and misinformation here in Eastern Africa. Providing women with more schooling can increase their odds of attending school and earning higher wages. And this is really important because women will improve their standards of living when they can decide when to have children and how many to children to have. By having opportunities, education, resources and a voice, women will invest directly in their children and communities.
We hosted a Ugandan nurse, Wilter, at our workshop, and the women were eager to learn about what she had to say and asked many questions clarifying information. Wilter described in detail why family planning is important and the different types of birth control commonly used. She educated the women about the advantages and disadvantages for each method and answered all their questions thoroughly. Wilter stressed the truth that each woman’s body is different and they must be knowledgeable and prepared. “You must be your #1 doctor to your body,” she told the women.  “We have one life to live, and we must live it well.” Wise words.

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