Our community of Fellows is made up of women who are smart, savvy, compassionate, and brave. They show up for one another in their businesses and in their lives. They’re a constant source of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for one another. 

As businesses across the country have closed their doors, millions of people have lost their jobs, and families are adhering to shelter-in-place orders, our Fellows have dug in. They’ve served, donated, and refused to allow current circumstances to dictate their lives or perceptions of success. Many have found that they’ve been able to support their families through a business that allows them to work from home long before many were forced to. Many have introduced their friends to a new way to earn an income in uncertain times and many have found the joy in helping to ensure their sisters in East Africa are still paid regardless of work and travel restrictions. 

As a company, we’ve been shifting our eyes and our hearts toward good news. We’ve been searching for it, welcoming it, and sharing it whenever possible. We began collecting these stories and notes of service, solidarity, and hope. We’d like to share some of them with you in hopes that they might bring you a smile, a sense of perspective, and the desire to join the ranks of those who are committed to making a difference when it matters most. 

*Some stories have been shortened or modified from their original for clarity and brevity. 

Sseko Designs HQ is not above embarrassing ourselves

“LOVE the silly things you do to brighten my spirits. I am definitely feeling the love and support from Sseko HQ, so THANK YOU! Big kudos and shout out to all of you. I’m able to reach my sales goal and get close to my recruiting goal even with canceled events and all the insanity going on. This gives me so much hope for our future. Thank you for being you, Sseko.” –Kara Hoholik

Feeling the Family Meetings

“Going to be very honest for a few…I’ve been struggling. STRUGGLING. Pressure from EVERYWHERE has gotten to me. Most people never even realize I’m struggling, and I’m always hearing comments about how well I handle things. (Ha!! My custom journal cover doesn’t say “Beautiful Chaos” for nothing! ) However, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel pressure and guilt. Since March 12, I have felt that ALLLLL the time! I’ve worked every single day and all but a few of those days have been 12+ hours a day. 

I’m an early intervention agency director and a Developmental Therapist with my own caseload. Our babies still need therapy, so I am working during this pandemic. This means I am lucky enough to have a job during this time (something I DO NOT take for granted). However, I am EXHAUSTED! I feel like I never get everything done, and feel like I should always be doing more. Add At-Home Learning for my 2 kids on top of everything else, and, well, let’s just say I’ve discovered a few new wines that I really enjoy! 

Enter Liz’s Family Meeting today. I am SO HAPPY I saw that, and heard her, and was reminded of WHY I love Sseko so much. As I was watching, I was thinking about how I recently thought I’d be retiring soon. But immediately after that thought, I got very sad at the realization that this community would be gone for me.

A few hours later, I decided to send texts to a few customers to mention it’s the last day of the spring sale. And then…Ding! A response! And then…Ding! And now…3 bags sold, and another customer shopping online right now and asking me questions. All it took was a little effort. Effort that I didn’t think I had in me. Effort that I had all but given up on. Effort that I probably would not have put forth if it wasn’t for Liz’s live today.

 There is no community like we have with Sseko. Thank you to each and every one of you for being part of my community and making me realize how badly I would miss it if it was gone.” –Missy McClure Myers

Neighborly Love (Pre Covid-19 but too good not to share)

Theresa is neighbors with Heather (a Sseko Fellow) and up until last August, they didn’t know each other more than just being neighbors and a few acquaintances. 

Theresa went on a trip to Europe with her family, and when she was in Italy she got heat stroke so bad that she went into a coma and was hospitalized in Italy for 3 weeks! And for some reason was having a really hard time getting discharged from the hospital (still in bad shape, unable to speak Italian, etc.) Her daughter posted something on Facebook and Heather saw it and commented, finding out Theresa’s situation and immediately offered up her husband to fly from California to Italy to go get Theresa out of that hospital so she could come home! 

Since Heather and her husband are both nurses, they knew how to help. Heather’s husband flew out within 24 hours and had Theresa home within days. Theresa’s husband didn’t even think she would be able to make it home because she wasn’t in good shape. But Theresa got back to the U.S. and spent another week in the hospital to recover. And just this past January, Theresa joined Heather’s team as a Fellow and then Theresa’s daughter joined as well. 

You never know how this community will be built, but we love hearing of Fellows showing up for one another before they’re even Fellows!

Love Clutches

“I arranged Love Clutches for NICU/PICU mamas at my local children’s hospital and was able to rally my friends and family to sponsor them. Leah from my team graciously donated so many good Beautycounter samples to be included. The generosity of this community is astounding.” -Michelle Davis

Here are just a few of the posts we’ve been seeing around our community of Fellow engaging one another, encouraging others to serve, and simply bringing us tons of joy.

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