The leaves haven’t started falling yet, but we totally are. We’re dropping new styles for Fall in two phases and today we want to introduce to you the first half of the collection. A gorgeous array of transitional looks that won’t have you overheating on the warm, end-of-summer days, but will give you all the feels of swapping your seasonal wardrobe. Allow us to introduce the Fall 2020 Beyond Collection. With brand new pieces and the return of some fan favorites, we know you’re going to be as excited as we are. 


Handwoven Stardust Ikat

We’re thrilled to be bringing back the handwoven pattern technique to an all-new style: Stardust. By binding yarn in a distinctive way, the dye takes to the fabric for a unique effect that will turn heads. Offered in the Split Seam Blouse, a headband, and a gorgeous Duster Jacket that will go with everything!

The Short Black Kaftan

Back by popular demand, our Short Black Kaftan is the ultimate outfit when you want to dress up but stay comfy. This chic, flawless little black dress is not only a timeless piece, but its reversible functionality allows you to choose to opt for a v-neck or a more casual scoop. 

The Multiway Shawl 

The Multiway Shawl is a Sseko fave, but we know you all love finding out what our new look will be each season almost as much as you love its versatility. This season, Olive is in! The solid shawl is showing off 2020’s most gorgeous shade of green.

Aaaaand… because we’ve never seen another piece fly off the shelves quite so fast, we’re bringing back the Tiger Lily Multiway Shawl too! This vibrant red was rocking the summer months and we know it will stun just as much in autumn. Warning: tourists may stop taking pictures of the leaves and start taking pictures of you. (We’ve also added this piece to the Sseko Fellow Starter Kit, so if ever you were waiting for the best time to join, now is it!)


Brass Hair Tie Bangle

Handmade in Kenya, this cu-seful (that’s cute + useful) accessory will have you wondering how you went your whole life without it. As the rain falls and the wind blows, you don’t have to dig through your bag for a hair tie. This bangle holds it for you while sparing you the discomfort of pinched wrists and the appearance that you’re a high school volleyball star. Just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes need a pony in a pinch. 



No longer just for Wall Street corner offices, this insanely sophisticated color upgrade to a few of your favorite bags will have you packing for a trip even if you have nowhere to go. Adding an air of mystery to our classic looks, you’ll need to see the U-Zip and the Carryall for yourself. And we don’t blame you if you book a flight just so you can show off your new travel bag.

Kawa Crossbody Bag

A perfect pattern paired with one of our most beloved purses… yes please! The everyday bag you can wear in multiple ways is anything but ordinary with this stunning print applied. There are so many show-stopping solids in this year’s Fall collection, but every look needs a pop and the Kawa pattern does just that. 

Gold Chain Strap

We love a classic leather bag, but sometimes you just need that little extra bling to complete the look. The add-on gold chain strap guarantees that this is not your mama’s leather bag. It’s strong and feminine, bold, and beautiful and we are digging the way it transforms some of our favorites.


Two-Toned V Boot

Let’s be honest, the best part of moving into the cool weather months is breaking out the boots. And by popular demand, we are bringing back the Two-Toned V Boot. Handmade by our experts in Peru these go with absolutely everything. Pants, dresses, skirts, you name it. If you buy only one pair of boots this year, make it these ones. 

The Cloud Mule in Caramel

Fall is for snuggling up on the couch, watching classic movies, and eating. A lot. Soft pants and hoodies are the go-to uniform. That being said, I suppose we all have to run out to the store occasionally for marshmallows for our cocoa and no one wants to put on uncomfortable shoes to do it. Thus, Cloud Mule. Comfy as can be and slips on in one second, these are your everywhere shoes for the season. 

As we said, this is just the beginning! You can expect even more from us this Fall, but don’t miss the opportunity to get the soldout looks from past seasons and a ton of exciting new styles. When you get your Fall looks, make sure you post them and tag us! We want to see how you Sseko. 

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