It’s the last launch of 2020! We’re so excited to share this collection with you. This one is going to get you all ready for the shopping season. Ready or not, here’s the last drop of the year… are you ready for zebra and druzy and rose gold, oh my!?

Reversible Beaded Crossbody Clutch and Coin Purse in Zebra

You know we like to get wild over here, but this beaded zebra pattern is as striking as it is subtle. The delicate colors mixed with the textured beads creates a sophistication all its own. It is the bag you’ll take to family gatherings and fancy holiday parties. And with the Crossbody Clutch’s reversible style, no one will ever know you’ve been using the same bag all winter. 

Rose Gold You’re Gonna Love

Our jewelry collections have always featured both silver and gold styles, but the one thing they have been missing has finally arrived. Rose Gold is here in all its rosey glory! 

The Brave Collection now has the Brave Bracelet, short necklace, and earrings available in a 14K plated Rose Gold style. You can also add new pieces like the Treasured Piece and the Rooted Piece (also Rose).

Cashmere Wrap Poncho in Camel

Is there anything more sultry than wearing cashmere in winter? We didn’t think so. Our Wrap Poncho in Camel will be your go-to look of the season. With unquestionable elegance and a color that just screams “Wear me to Thanksgiving!” you’ll be hard-pressed to find an occasion where you don’t want to wear it. Made of 100% cashmere, you know you’re only getting quality here.

We Are Dropping for Druzy

Druzys are natural gemstones that have formed a layer of crystallization on the stone that creates a dazzling effect. These sparkling stones were just begging to be set into a fun collection, which is exactly what we did. The Circle Stud Earrings, Oval Drop Earrings, and Dainty Circle Ring are all featured in a perfect blush tone that will be the eye-catching wardrobe win of the season.

It’s a Robe, It’s a Jacket… It’s The Short Duster in Tembo

Let’s be honest, the dressing up of the holiday season is fun, but who doesn’t look forward to snuggling up on the couch next to a fire or padding around drinking coffee in fuzzy socks all morning? With the Short Duster in Tembo, you’re getting a silky, soft, and stylish look. Whether you put it on fresh out of the shower or decide to layer it over a pair of leggings, this exciting pattern paired with unrivaled comfort will be on everyone’s gift wishlist. 

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