Before someone decides to join as a Sseko Fellow, there are often many moments of hesitation. Not because they aren’t capable. Not because they don’t like the brand. But because they aren’t sure they can make the leap from someone who likes quality, fair-trade fashion to someone promoting it for the purpose of generating their own income.

But the Sseko Fellow program is designed for everyone from hobbyists who would like to earn some cash all the way to Fellows who desire to build teams and grow a business. No matter what type of Fellow you’ll be, there’s a seat at the table for you here. 

Learn more about what it looks like to be a Fellow at every level. 


You’ve been buying Sseko products for a little while. When it’s time to shop for one of your gals, you go straight to our shop page and look for the newest seasonal release. You love Sseko products and you’re into the mission.  You think,” Why not host an event once every few months to share with some friends about the mission and products I already love AND earn a discount?” So you become a Fellow!

As a Hobbyist, you can expect to spend 1-3 hours per week on your business and host 1-3 events per month. 


For many Sseko Fellows, once they decide to take the plunge and click that JOIN button, there is an excitement to get started, but perhaps not a huge expectation to actually earn some decent cash. Many confess that they did it for the steep discount on the Starter Kit items. And we get that… It is a pretty solid collection of products at an amazing price if we do say so ourselves.

Once they discover all the resources, the community and just how easy it can be to get a Sseko Fellow biz off the ground, they find themselves doing more and more to help it grow.

They might work with hosts to do 2-3 events a month and they are suddenly seeing results that they didn’t think was possible. They style some outfits, flaunt a little product, and educate even a small audience on the quality and global impact of buying Sseko and BOOM, they’re off!

The Side Huster can expect to spend 5-12 hours per week on their part-time business and will usually host 4-8 events per month. 


As soon as a Sseko Fellow realizes that they can fit a Sseko business into their life and are seeing the results through extra income, it’s hard to stop. The fear of failure has started to wear off and the excitement for possibilities grows! Being a Sseko Fellow allows you to do as little or as much as you want. And soon, you’re not just taking selfies and hoping for the best. Instead, you’re developing strategy, coordinating on seasonal releases and developing a promotional system that can get you to a full-time income.

We have heard so many stories of Fellows replacing a dead-end job, paying off debt, adding to the household income as a stay-at-home parent and covering the cost of family vacations. And so many of them started out as hobbyists, casual observers, and happy customers.

Our Business Builders usually spend about 20-40 hours a week building their business and team while hosting an average of 5-10 events per month. 

Britta Miller is an example of a Fellow who joined for the discount and a goal to have in her words “maybe 1 party every 6 months.” But Britta quickly became passionate about earning an income with an impact and in April of 2020, she earned our “Bae Watch” award.

“She cares deeply for people and will stop at nothing to show up for others. She is passionate about co-creating a better world and strives to create impact with every area of her life and every decision she makes. She is resilient, caring, and one of the bravest women I know.”-Amberleigh Maida

Anyone can go from a beginner to a business builder! With the support of the community and a little personal motivation, you could end up being the next big earner. You can be a successful Fellow no matter what level is right for you. Learn more about becoming a Fellow.

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