Working from home has been increasing in popularity year over year. The more virtual business models that emerge the more people are trading their work wardrobes for leggings and t-shirts as they shift from a corner office in the city to a corner desk in their spare room. 

With the emergence of social distancing, people who never even intended to operate virtually are now working from home and others whose industries have been hit hard, they are seeking online employment. 

So many of our Fellows have made a living from the comfort of their couch and during these transitional times, we wanted to share some of their best strategies to help you adjust to working at home. 

Keep Your Morning Routine

There will be a huge temptation to roll out of bed, grab some coffee and get to work without so much as brushing your teeth.

We strongly encourage you to maintain that morning routine. Shower, get dressed, eat something for breakfast and give your brain and body the chance to wake up before you dive in. Otherwise, we promise you you will still be in your pajamas at lunch. And maybe even dinner. 

Create a Schedule and Set Alarms

Being home creates two opposing but equally challenging problems:

  1. There are a lot of distractions. It can be easy to drop work and tackle the pile of laundry.
  2. It’s easy to get sucked in. You may also find that you can’t pull yourself away because coworkers don’t say their goodbyes and the lights don’t get shut off.

To deal with this dilemma we recommend coming up with a daily schedule that makes room for life and work. Then set alarms or reminders on your phone that will keep you on track. 

Schedule breaks, go on email sprints, make time for marketing and determine an end time to your workday. Your normal rhythm will be thrown off for a little while and you might just need a helpful nudge. Things as simple as getting a drink of water can fall by the wayside when you’re in work-from-home mode. So take note of your daily operations, figuring what is missing or off and build fixes into your schedule.

Face-to-Face and Audio Communication is Still Valuable 

It’s easy to operate entirely online and go text-based only with communications when you’re working at home. But a lot tends to get lost in email, instant messages, and texts. If you and a coworker are struggling to get a resolution online, make a phone call. If you’re having a hard time getting into the groove at home, Skype a mentor. Human contact is still possible and highly valuable when you’re isolated.

Be Patient with Yourself 

It is an adjustment. Like establishing a workout routine or starting a new job, transitioning into a work at home role isn’t going to be perfectly smooth starting on day one. Try working in different spaces of your house or at different times of the day. Maybe you’re more of a night owl who has been inefficiently operation in 9-5 mode. Maybe you’re better in sprints with longer breaks in between. Maybe without the distractions of office life, you are able to get twice the work done in half the time. This might mean you can take on more work and earn a promotion/more commission. 

The beauty of working from is discovering the ideal workday for yourself instead of being pressured into a one-size-fits-all model determined by the office structure.

Go Outside

There is one solution that works almost every time when your four walls are closing in around you… go outside! 

Set your laptop up on your balcony. Take the dog for a walk if you can do so safely. Meditate in the lawn. Sunlight, fresh air, and nature can reinvigorate you in minutes. You’re not chained to your desk so take advantage of the chance to incorporate a more balanced lifestyle into your day-to-day.

We know everyone is going through a lot of change right now and we wish everyone the best during this time. If you’re looking for a chance to earn an income with an impact all from your home, we invite you to join us as a Sseko  Fellow. You can join a community of powerhouse women who have been building businesses from home long before social distancing was a thing. Plus, you can join Sseko now for only $29, but hurry because this discounted join rate won’t last long. Learn more about becoming a Fellow. 

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