Sseko Designs was founded under a mango tree in Uganda. There were many late nights spent tinkering with sandal designs and dreaming about a bright future for this business we were building. Our big ideas were fueled by Ugandan coffee, which was the most delicious we’d ever tasted. Little did we know that we’d return to that very drink to move Sseko into the next phase of our company. 

Years later, Liz ventured to Ethiopia where she learned the phrase “buna tetu” which refers to “being together” but quite literally translates to “drinking coffee.” It was there she learned that “togetherness” rarely happens without coffee. And coffee rarely happens without togetherness. 

Once again, the idea of Together Coffee had been brewing (see what we did there) in our hearts and minds long before we’d ever considered adding this product to our line of offerings. 

Sseko has always been about bringing people together to create community and opportunity for women all over the world, first with fashion and now with incredible coffee from regions we’ve come to know and love. 


Coffee has a long history of exploitation and we want to be a part of the change. 

Your purchase of Together Coffee is directly contributing to the fair-wage and dignified work of our local farmers who are growing some of the highest-quality and best-tasting coffee in the world. When farmers earn a fair wage for their coffee production it has a lasting impact on their entire community. They are able to grow their own business, employ more people, send their children to school, and invest in their local economies. 

The founding mission of Sseko Designs is serving young female scholars in East Africa. Our commitment to that endeavor remains. Each purchase of Together Coffee contributes to scholarships, formal work experience, and quality mentorship for young women who are seeking careers in everything from law and medicine to journalism and social work. 


Anxious to purchase Uganda Together coffee again! I’ll keep watching for it!


To Pattie! We’re relaunching Together Coffee with Noonday Collection (Sseko + Noonday merged back in August) Would love to connect with you on this – you can find me on the Noonday Collection website.

Kelly Stack

Our Golf Club purchased coffee, mugs, and other products for our ladies member member to be given as prizes. I love the Ubuntu Blend coffee. How can I purchase more? Thanks.

Pattie Canter

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