Raise those hands if the last year or so has been spent in a yoga-pants-wearing, slipper shuffling, top-knot styling comfort cocoon. Working remotely, homeschooling, and quarantining hasn’t demanded a lot of us, stylistically, right? But we welcome the change.

The weather is warming up and things are migrating towards a slow reopening, we’d like to hereby declare that dressing up is in and it might be time to put some of our cozy home gear back in the drawer.

The Impact of Dressing Up

As we start to come out of the fog of 2020, we must introduce healthy practices back into our lives that have fallen by the wayside in the wake of all the world’s shifts. Eating well, getting exercise, and, yes, dressing up all have a role to play in restoring our mental well-being. 

In a recent article by HuffPost, experts found that dressing up ignites an energetic momentum that is beneficial to the productivity of the rest of our day. Showering, perhaps putting on makeup or styling our hair, and wearing clothes that are considered more public-facing wardrobes can give us a more impactful start.

4 Ways to Begin Reincorporating

As we bid our favorite couch pants adieu, we can begin to get dressed up again without sacrificing comfort and convenience. 


Remember that box of shiny things you used to use? Let’s bust it out again. A statement piece necklace or a pair of dangly earrings can just make you feel happy. We’re sure there’s some science somewhere to back that up.

It’s an act of adornment that says “Hey world, I’m back.” If you’re not quite ready to wear jeans (we get it), you can fancy up your upper half with a couple of cute accessories. Statement Piece

Decide to update just one item for now. You don’t have to go on a buying binge, you can just decide that a new pair of sandals or a brand-new bag is a delightful little addition to your daily routine. 

We know wearing shoes is still an iffy add-on, so just start with a pair of slides or mules that you don’t mind wearing around the apartment, but are a solid upgrade from fuzzy holiday footwear.

Convertible Comfort

You can go from messy to dressy without a ball gown. Cool convertible clothing is in this season and we think it’s the ideal lockdown-to-looking good transition piece. A reversible tee allows you to still do the double-day t-shirt trick without anyone being aware. A nice shawl or poncho thrown on top of a cami can elevate your Skype style to a whole new level. And skirts can offer all the comfort of yoga pants with a major upgrade in appearance.

As major retailers struggle to catch up to demand after a year of off-schedule output, a convertible piece of clothing also gives far-reaching fashion without adding a lot of items sustainably too. 

Shop Your Closet

For many of us, it’s been a while since we’ve touched our more decadent clothing items. Get creative and dive into your closet for a fresh take on old fashion. Shake the dust off old dusters, shed some light on those linen pants. Mix and match. It’s time.

Need something new?

If you’re looking for a sustainable shopping experience you can enjoy from home and wear with ease, check out the Sseko current line. We have nearly a dozen convertible clothing items like the Multiway Shawl, the Reversible Together tee, and Reversible Skirt in Agave/Kawa and Flora/Blush to break you out of your fashion funk with ease. As well as new jewelry, bags, and sandals for making a bold re-entry into the world. 

When will you be dressing up next?

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