This month our mind is fully on home design. We’ve been discovering some seriously fantastic BIPOC women who are brightening spaces with their house warming style. and we’ve launched our very own home decor products. Whether it’s the food you eat, the time you spend in your outdoor space, or the handmade touches you add to a room, these women will improve the space you call home.


Let’s face it, one of the things that really make a house a home is the meals you prepare inside of it. Hosting events, sharing a meal with friends, cooking  with your family are the moments and aromas that make memories! 

Bestselling cookbook author Hetty McKinnon’s new book To Asia With Love will add some cultural pizzazz to your household’s menu. Based on her Chinese mother’s cooking, she’s bringing tradition and her keen skills to the kitchen in ways that can help you step up your cooking game. Make your own kimchi or dumplings, go all-in on Asian-inspired salads, and wow your relatives with her Miso Kale Pesto. 

Bring all the cultural beauty of Asian-style cooking to your house today! 


Creating a home you hate to leave isn’t just about what goes inside the structure, but how you engage with the natural world around your property. Whether you have a small balcony or sprawling acreage, gardening is one way to get connected to the Earth and create a more sustainable home (something we’re all about!).

Colah B Tawkin’s podcast “Black in the Garden” is described as an intersection between black culture and horticulture. Sow the seeds of conversation and vegetation with her impactful talks that range from Agricultural Revolution to Environmental Artistry. 

Gain some perspective while also diving into the deep end of plant parenthood with this podcast that will transform your interior experience and your exterior appearance! Be sure to listen in!


Cheryl Luckett is an HR professional turned interior design enthusiast who is teaching the world to express their creativity through home beautification. Her portfolio is full of vibrant colors and transformative style. She’s hosted her own classes like “Home School” a course that taught people the basics of beautiful home design. And she’s currently running a One Room Challenge that walks you through how to create a gorgeous space, one room at a time. 

Make sure you check out her videos, her blog, and her furniture collection. 


House of Bohn is a brand you’ll want to spend all day with. From her “can’t stop scrolling” Instagram account to the completely stunning portfolio Karin Bohn will give you all the inspiration you could ever need. But if you really want to binge on her beautiful design, she has two places for that.

Netflix! Yes, you can check out some of her skills on your favorite streaming service. The show Restaurants on the Edge takes failing restaurants and connects them to their local culture to revive their innate potential. And if that’s not enough, her YouTube channel is absolutely packed with everything from Condo Revivals to Living Room Refresher tips. You could spend days with Karin’s vast catalog of content.

As you’re thinking about crafting the perfect home, redecorating, or breathing new life into your space, be sure to diversify your sources for education, advice, and expertise. You’re sure to get a better, more dynamic result, and you’ll be actively working to support BIOPIC creators. 

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