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We are halfway through 2021 and it almost seems like we just appeared here. Yes, we have had a much better year than last, and we have slowly been able to regain some normalcy—but even with new opportunities, time has been a great resource for discovering the potential blessings the past challenges are bringing us.

In that vein, that’s why we’re bringing you some #realtalk this month with our favorite things to read, watch, and listen to this month.


How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life” by Lily Singh, is one we caught ourselves laughing out loud with. 

In it, the actress/comedian, YouTuber and late-night host, talks about her professional journey in a narrative mixed with practical advice and anecdotes. There’s not that much fluff in her book, as she shares how she got where she is today and worked past the struggles and challenges that came with chasing her dreams.

One reader wrote “As Ms. Singh points out, the first ten times you do anything [you may be] horrible at it. But those first ten times are crucial in order for you to be successful the eleventh time. I recognize that these are experiences that will help me to grow as a person. You must seek out situations that make you uncomfortable.” 

This book provides a personal and realistic story that reminds us comparison is the thief of joy, and helps us see that we can be “a bawse” any day. 

Buy here.


Black Rock had us glued to the screen. It’s a great example of a documentary that gives people in Indigenous Communities a platform for their voices to be heard. It consists of stories told in the form of interviews, where there are people determined to protect their land, even if it means fighting against those that are working at the uranium mines to survive. Watch here.


Our ears were listening hard here. We found the podcast that is worth listening to is “The Living Corporate Podcast”, because it’s a glimpse into how people live each day. We need to hear more black and brown voices in the workforce, and this podcast makes it easier to have tough conversations such as salary negotiations, equity, and much more.  

Listen here.


We found ourselves learning more about Native American Philosophy and came across this in-depth article where we are taught about the beautiful connection this culture has in regards to the connection of earth and people.

In it, you are able to find cultural misconceptions explained and gain a better understanding of their values: serving, respect, and wisdom among their culture. It’s a fantastic read.

Find it here!

We’d love to read more about how you’re learning, what you’re listening to or reading so leave us a comment below!

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