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Building a Business with Coffee: How Our Fellows Are Earning a Sustainable Income with Together Coffee

We launched Together Coffee in June and since then it has been making a profound impact on our Fellows community, their families, and their businesses.  As a company, we’d been dreaming up a coffee brand for a while now and had plans to see it come to fruition with the launch of our fall collection, but once Covid-19 hit and businesses around the world started shutting down, it became clear that we needed to take action on this idea as soon as possible in order to ensure we could take care of team both globally and here in the [...]

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How to Build a Business and a Marriage in Quarantine

Would you rather have to listen to your spouse conduct a 4th zoom meeting for the day or conduct your 4th zoom meeting of the day?  Would you rather stare at your spouse’s desk collection of dirty water cups and coffee mugs or build a wall partition so you can happily ignore it.  Sheltering in place has forced many people to spend more time than ever with their partners. Gone are the evenings of sharing your day since you mostly shared every moment already. We’re all spending so much time with our significant other that it’s difficult to find [...]

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He for She: Celebrating Father’s Day with Stories of Supportive Guys

Dad, Daddy, Dada, Papa, Pops…. No matter what you call him, the sentiment is the same.  He’s the guy who celebrates your successes, pushes you to your potential, and cheers you on every step of the way.  Father’s Day is this Sunday and it has us thinking about dear old dad and all the other incredible men in our lives. No matter if it’s your dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, or neighbor, things wouldn’t be the same without those who offer a steadfast love, sacrifice for others, and the best cheesy jokes. We asked our Fellows to share [...]

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7 Clues a Direct Sales Company is Right for You

Direct sales, MLM, pyramid scheme… You’ve heard all the names, rumors, and horror stories… so have we.  While there are definitely some companies that have taken advantage of people, we don’t want the fear of the unknown to keep you from taking advantage of an incredible opportunity to be your own BOSS, earn an income, and create incredible impact.  We want to share some of the pitfalls to stay away from and the questions you should ask before joining hands with a company. If you’ve been considering joining a direct sales company, here are 7 clues [...]

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Stories of Solidarity from Our Community

Our community of Fellows is made up of women who are smart, savvy, compassionate, and brave. They show up for one another in their businesses and in their lives. They’re a constant source of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for one another.  As businesses across the country have closed their doors, millions of people have lost their jobs, and families are adhering to shelter-in-place orders, our Fellows have dug in. They’ve served, donated, and refused to allow current circumstances to dictate their lives or perceptions of success. Many have found that they’ve been able to support their families through a [...]

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Tips for Working From Home from Fellows Who’ve Been Doing It For Years

Working from home has been increasing in popularity year over year. The more virtual business models that emerge the more people are trading their work wardrobes for leggings and t-shirts as they shift from a corner office in the city to a corner desk in their spare room.  With the emergence of social distancing, people who never even intended to operate virtually are now working from home and others whose industries have been hit hard, they are seeking online employment.  So many of our Fellows have made a living from the comfort of their couch and during [...]

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Under the Mango Tree: A Look Back at Our Recent Trip to Uganda

Sseko Fellows Travel to Uganda for a trip of a lifetime! Over the past year, we’ve been waiting and planning our special annual incentive Sseko Fellows trip to Uganda … and we’re thrilled to share IT HAS HAPPENED! Sseko recently took our top leaders to Uganda for an all-expenses-paid trip to learn and understand how the products they’re selling are made and to connect with our amazing team of women in Uganda. The greatest part is … these 14 Sseko Fellows earned their way onto this trip, [...]

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Sseko Women Who Made History

March is #WomensHistoryMonth and it’s reserved to intentionally celebrate and highlight the contributions of women. Each year, The National Women’s History Alliance chooses a national theme and this year, they’ve chosen “Valiant Women of the Vote” in celebration of the centennial of women’s suffrage of the 19th amendment.  While we are excited to celebrate this incredible time in history, we’re not without pause to recognize that our black sisters were not afforded those same voting rights that day in 1920. It was only through several decades of tireless effort (primarily lead by black women) that black women were finally [...]

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Natasha: Lifelong Entrepreneur

When I was a little girl, I loved creating beaded jewelry. I would craft for hours with my little bead kit. Any time I got allowance money, I invested it in more beads. My parents always taught me that if you wanted something, you had to work for it. Although they provided a comfortable life for me, I was not just given everything I wanted. So I would take my little creations and lay them out on a card table in front of my mom’s apartment building with a caboodle full of coins I dug out of the [...]

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Sierra’s Sseko Story

Long, long ago, way back when the Fellows Program wasn't supposed to be a real thing, I found it, and made it my thing. I was in Jim Thorpe, PA with my Husband for my birthday weekend getting ready to hike our favorite place, Glen Onoko falls, and saw that there was a small festival going on around the train tracks. I immediately plastered myself to the window shouting "Look, a Fair! It's Jim Thorpe's Birthday too! Let's stop!" This might be a major indicator as to why the first brave piece I was ever gifted was Whimsy, but [...]

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