Meet the Sseko Scholars Class of 2020!

We are so thrilled to introduce to you the bright, young women in the Sseko Scholars Class of 2020! Sseko Scholars program Sseko Designs started in Uganda 10 years ago with a dream to use business to create community and opportunity for the brightest women in east Africa to continue their education and become leaders in their communities. Sseko's impact is not in charity work, but rather in giving great jobs and scholarships to women who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend university. Every year, some of the most academically gifted young [...]

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Susan’s Story

I met Susan when we were both young women embarking on BIG adventures. I was in the early years of starting and launching Sseko and Susan was graduating from high school with big dreams about university and becoming a leader in her community. I distinctly remember sitting with her on the sandal production line while she diligently learned the manufacturing process while somehow managing to ask great questions and laugh loudly as she worked. Susan’s family moved to Uganda as Rwandan refugees during the Rwandan genocide. Although Susan’s story involves trauma and heartache, when I met Susan, I immediately [...]

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Meet Sharon: Sseko Seamstress

Sharon is the leader of our ribbon sandal strap team and a talented seamstress. She is a quick-learner, diligent with all the work she’s given. She’s the type of person who makes your spirit feel happy from talking to her, and at the end of each interaction, you just want to hug her. Sharon is incredibly loving and generous to her family and friends and is a joy to have around. She’s said that “keeping quiet makes me sick,” so if you ever need a good chat, Sharon is your girl. She’s married and she and her husband just welcomed [...]

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A Ugandan Inspired Summer Salad + An Inspiring Note from the Chef

Tara Thomas of Her Garden Kitchen is a talented chef in Portland, Oregon and she modeled for our Summer Capsule Collection! Today, we’re so excited to share some of Tara’s insights with you in addition to an amazing summer salad recipe that she created with inspiration from common Ugandan ingredients.  […]

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Meet Gift!

Meet Gift! Gift is one of the 15 University bound team members with us for the next 9 months. We love her commitment to justice and advocacy. Get to know her and become part of the team that sends her off to University with an additional scholarship! […]

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Introducing the class of 2017!

January is one of our favorite months here at Sseko! We get to kick off the year by introducing you to a new team of university bound women who will work with us for 9 months while they earn an income for university and head off to school in the fall. This year we’ve welcomed 15 bright new faces into the Sseko workshop. This is the largest group we’ve ever had! We are so excited to introduce you to the Class of 2017! […]

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