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Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what Sseko customers have to say!

These gorgeous sandals come with interchangeable straps and sturdy soles. They’re made by young women in Uganda — high school graduates that are saving up college. Such a neat company! And the shoes really are lovely. I’ve been sporting my pair all summer long and I get compliments every single time I wear them. I mean it.

-Gabrielle Blair, Designmom.com


Sseko Designs is a wonderful sandal company with interchangeable straps that can be tied in hundreds of different ways! The base of the sandal is made from high quality leather and the interchangeability of the straps makes them something you can use for a lifetime!

-Does Mommy Love It?


I have LOVED my Sseko's this summer and have worn them a million times. They are so darn comfortable.

-Melissa Jordan, Dear Baby Blog


Sseko provided me a comfortable and beautiful shoe for my wedding day! The best part is that I can continue wearing my wedding shoes throughout the year. They also made great gifts/wedding-day shoes for my bridesmaids.

-Madison H.


I have the narrowest feet around, so I can never wear cute shoes. I loved discovering Ssekos on Pinterest because I can adjust them to fit perfectly. They look good and feel good, so I love wearing them to teach! Often when given a style compliment, I can only respond with thanks. In this case, I share the story of how Sseko is helping future career women in Africa.

-Kay Humphrey


Discovering Sseko Designs was a real treat. To my little delight, Sseko offers an opportunity to buy from a developing country and invest in people themselves. It’s chance to empower women and define the future of business… all while boosting my outfit’s cute factor. Through the grip of my snazzy clutch, I get to connect to some phenomenal ladies (which is awesome). SEE YA, buyers remorse!

-Anna Rose Ott


I just wanted to say that I absolutely love my Ssekos. I get compliments on them all the time. Each time I give the information to the person and ask them to please buy a pair to support the girls and their education. I wish I had some little tiny cards or something with just the name and website to hand folks. This summer at Jr. Olympics for water polo I gave the info to a bunch of teen girls and hopefully they bought them. It is easy to give the website info to kids because they enter right into their phones! They were from Missouri and were very excited about the Sseko idea and the fun sandals and many ways to tie them with many straps.

Christine F, San Francisco


I do not like flats nor do I like between the toe sandals, yet my Ssekos are both and they are so comfortable! I am buying this pair because I have LITERALLY worn out my first pair. Thanks Sseko! You are wonderful.

-Mellisa J, North Carolina


Just received my order and 3 extra straps. They are so comfortable, look great and now i can match my outfits. Thanks for what you are doing!

-k. lassjai


I recently complimented a friend of mine's Sseko sandals and she raved about how the sandals were made, how comfortable and versatile they were and how easy it was to buy them.

-Natalie Wasser, Sydney


Thanks for all your help in my purchase of Sseko Sandals. You went way above and beyond on customer service to get my shoes to me so quickly. I love it and have been telling everyone about them. The most comfortable pair of shoes I own!

-Tiffany B, Atlanta


I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that I received my Ssekos in the mail a few days ago and I absolutely love them! I had my doubts about how comfortable they would be but I love the cause behind the shoe and so I went ahead and bought a pair. The first day they felt a little stiff and funny but a few days later they now feel great and are totally comfortable. I love how you can change out the color of fabric to match whatever you are wearing! Thanks so much!!

-Lindsey Griffith, Spring Hill,TN


Just wanted to send a note of thanks -- I'm a wedding photographer, so for 20+ weekends/year I'm on my feet almost the entire weekend. It's really difficult trying to find a comfortable AND stylish shoe to wear to work at weddings. Flat's don't seem to cut it, and honestly, by the end of the weekend they just smell bad. After I discovered Sseko's and wore them to a wedding, I found great relief (and surprise) when, at the end of the day, my feet and body felt great! It's incredible how a bad shoe can make your whole body ache. These do just the opposite. Not only can I change the look of these shoes, but they give me the power to press on during long days. I was married last fall and got my bridesmaids Sseko's as a gift to wear during the wedding. It's a great way to spread the love of good shoes, and the opportunity to help others out along the way. What you're doing is a great thing. Congrats on your success, and I'm so glad you exist!

-Kate Schmid


Ssekos were the best wedding shoes EVER! They are so comfortable, even after an entire day on my feet and dancing, I could still focus on our amazing day and not worry about the pain in my feet. I also loved that all of my bridesmaids could wear the same shoes as me, but put their own twist on them. They were perfect for our church wedding and garden reception!

-Kari Williams


We wanted to use our wedding to tell a story, story that was bigger than just us and would do good for other people: we picked locally-owned and locally-conscious vendors, created a charity registry, etc. Wearing Ssekos connected me, in a small way, to the life I led in Uganda and, more importantly, was another way to do something good through our wedding. And, it just seemed practical! For an outdoor, barn wedding I didn't want to wear uncomfortable heels! I wanted to wear the beautiful and comfortable shoes I had already been wearing. Finally, it was important for me to not spend money on wedding things that would only be used/worn once. Wearing Ssekos allowed my bridesmaids and me to not only add some personality to what we wore (everyone could style their Ssekos differently!) but they allowed us to save money by not having to buy special shoes we would only wear once.

I honestly, can't say enough great things about Ssekos! I have loved wearing them and telling others about them. When living in Uganda I sent all my friends there (probably about 15-20 people) because I believe in what you're doing. I'm so happy my wedding could support the beautiful women of Uganda I love so much.

- Rachel I. Wightman