Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

Sseko is on a mission to use business to create educational and economic opportunities for women across the globe. This is an ambitious goal that will only be accomplished with an inclusive culture that creates space for the most creative and courageous minds to have a seat at the table. We believe that in addition to being in alignment with our value for justice and equality, building a diverse and inclusive team is required in order for us to achieve our audacious dream of creating a brighter and more just future for people everywhere.

To that end, together we are to embarking on a life-long journey of creating a community that is diverse across race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, identity, experience, and perspective, where every member of our community feels supported and encouraged to apply their whole and authentic selves to our collective mission.

We recognize the particular importance and weight of responsibility as we build a global community and relationships across nationalities, races, and ethnicities. And while all inclusivity is important to us, with a predominately white female sales force and a production force made up predominantly of people of color, racial and ethnic diversity in our U.S. business is our current diversity and inclusion priority. With grief and humility, we acknowledge the power structures that have traditionally influenced both domestic and international interracial relationships. We deeply desire to build a global community that is mutually beneficial, dignified, and respectful to all team members and we are committed to supporting that desire with our company culture, narratives, and policies.

While diversity and inclusion will continue to be a priority for us in hiring and content creation, our core work this year will be in creating a culture where our U.S. community is encouraged to be curious and learn how we are complicit in white supremacy in order to create an inclusive community that creates space for people of color to bring their whole selves to our community.

We will mess up, we will listen, we will apologize and we will evolve. And we will never stop believing in a rising tide lifts all ships.

We will know it is truly a rising tide if all ships lift.