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Ethiopia Scarf Partner

ethiopia partners 1 Sseko scarves are handcrafted in Ethiopia by artisans who earn a fair wage and are made with locally produced Eri silk and Ethiopian cotton. Our scarves are hand woven on traditional looms with skills passed down from generation to generation. One hundred artisans are employed with our Ethiopian partner.

Meet a few of the women behind our scarves.

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Meet Etalemaw :: When Etalemaw was young, her family fled to the capitol city to escape the violence and turmoil happening in her hometown. Now she is 28 and married with a daughter, who is attending school. She finds fulfillment and joy in her work. “I feel really lucky to have such a wonderful place to work. The staff, the surroundings, the textiles. But more than that, I feel happy to work outside the home, to have a place to come to every day.”

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Meet Kalemua :: Before getting a job with our partner, Kalemua and her daughter were living with her family where she worked as an unpaid employee. She felt trapped and wanted more for her daughter. Working has made her feel empowered, “I get to go to work, I get to go to a place where I am needed. I can provide for my daughter, for myself. What I do feels important. It has made me feel important.” Kalemua is now financially independent and has her own home.


 Ethiopia Bag Partner

ethiopia partners 4 Our hobo bags, cross body bags and wallets are made from locally sourced Ethiopian leather by artisans who earn a fair wage. Our partner organization employs 29 women and subsidizes education for the female employees. The materials used in our Ethiopian bag line are sourced locally and help support the Ethiopian economy.

Read the stories behind these beautiful bags and wallets.

Yemisrach got married and had a child at a young age and, like many young women in Ethiopia, was forced to drop out of school. When her baby turned three she sought out work to support her family. She has been working for our partner organization for 3 years and likes her job because it gives her time with her family. "We only work here from 8am to 5pm so I can spend enough time with family." Yemisrach has dreams to start a business with her friends.

Kelele graduated from a technical school skilled in leather sewing and decided to work for our partner organization because of the higher paying wage. She enjoys her working environment and says, "it's a joyful environment and we have the freedom to be creative". Kelele takes pride in her work and continually wants to improve her craftsmanship. "I want people to know that our products are really good and are made from pure, high quality leather."

Frehiowt studied accounting and has dreams to start her own business. She enjoys the freedom that comes with her job and says, "Unlike other factories we work here from 8am to 5 pm, so I have got time to be with my family. I also like the work environment." Her message to all of us is, "I want everyone to know that we Ethiopians have hope and we are hard workers and we will change our history."

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Ethiopia Shoe Partner

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It doesn't take long before you realize that shoes are an important part of Ethiopian tradition. On nearly every street corner, there is an opportunity to have your shoes shined and the footwear industry employs hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians.

We choose very intentionally to work with Ethiopian-owned shoe factories and workshops with the hope of contributing to the truly local Ethiopian economy.

The leather in Ethiopia is some of the finest in the entire world. The Ethiopian Highland Sheep is the softest and strongest sheepskin available. We're partnering with one of the world's most progressive tanneries who is developing and implementing environmental technologies, such as chrome and wastewater recycling systems.

We're excited and proud to partner with Ethiopians to provide market access and help grow an industry that we believe will have a significant and scalable impact in the overall economic growth of the region.