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Host a Sseko Event

We want to invite you to be a part of Sseko by hosting an Event to share our brand, story, and beautiful products with your friends. Alongside your Sseko Fellow, you will connect your community to our artisans across the globe. Your Event’s sales will create opportunities for dignified work and access to an education for a young female scholar.

In gratitude, you will earn free Sseko credit to grow your socially conscious wardrobe. Your Event will create opportunities for our global partners & Sseko Fellows here in the U.S.

I’m Interested in Hosting!

host incentives

Earn Sseko Credit & Product Discounts

$300-$499 $50
$500-$749 $75 1 Item
$750-$999 $150 2 Items
$1,000+ 20% Product Credit 3 Items
Coffee Rewards
4 Unique Coffee Orders 1 Free 12oz Bag of Coffee
7 Unique Coffee Orders 2 Free 12oz Bags of Coffee

* A show will qualify when it has 3 orders and has $300 or more in sales.

† Products using the 50% discount cannot be combined with credit and cannot be used on Custom products or travel Bags.

† Host 50% rewards can only be used once and are not eligible to be issued again due to a return/exchange request.

‡ Event does not need to hit $300 for coffee rewards to apply. All you need is 4 or 7 coffee orders.



Your friends to learn about Sseko, styling & fun.


With the stories of our global partners.


Make an impact and shop for socially conscious goods.


And Sseko credit!


“Sseko lured me in with such a beautiful heart. As an educator, the idea of helping women go to university is extremely inspiring. Hosting a Sseko party and sharing both the charitable aspect of the company and the absolutely gorgeous products, was a delightful and empowering experience. I’ll be a Sskeo fan for life.”

Jerica, Host

“The night was a special event with friends but best of all, allowed us the opportunity to support a woman-owned business, ethical fashion company and the dreams of Ugandan college students. And, I was blown away by all the perks of being a hostess – I scored so many amazing products!”

Lydia, Host

“Hosting a Sseko trunk show was such an amazing way for me to share this inspiring story, not to mention these fabulous products. Having a great time with my local community in order to support and help a larger, global community is beneficial for everyone involved. Being a part of this bigger conversation, about education, partnership and hope, is essential.”

Chelsea, Host

“I love the heart behind Sseko. That they are creating a sustainable way to provide women with jobs and creating beautiful product along the way! The Sseko pieces I own are not just beautiful accessories or footwear, but they have helped a woman along the way. They have helped her take a step closer toward building a stronger future. The quality and execution of the pieces continues to blow me away! They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and have loved showing off all of my Sseko accessories. The trunk show was just another way for me to show off, rave, and tell others about the uniqueness and versatility of my Sseko pieces.”

Allie, Host


What is the process of holding an Event?2021-04-07T21:55:50+00:00

Fill out the hostess application, and we’ll connect you to the nearest Sseko Fellow! The Host experience is as easy as 1-2-3. Invite your friends, share on social and engage in a good time during your Event. Your Sseko Fellow will partner with you and guide you through the planning process.

How do I host an online party?2021-04-09T20:53:45+00:00

Fill out the host application, and we’ll connect you to a Sseko Fellow! How it works is your Fellow will create a virtual event that you can invite your friends and community to. Sseko Facebook parties usually last for about an hour, and are a ton of fun! Your Fellow will take care of all the posts and your role is to be active and engaged in the party – commenting, liking, and tagging friends!

What are the host rewards and incentives?2021-04-09T20:56:01+00:00

We love our Hosts and in gratitude, rewards start with $50 in Sseko Credit. A qualifying Event has 3 unique orders and totals $300 in sales.  In addition, Hosts can earn additional rewards with tiered Event sales, free coffee,  referral bonuses, and more.

What is a Sseko Event like?2021-04-09T20:57:19+00:00

We want to create a space filled with empowerment! You can expect to hear stories from across the globe, have some yummy treats, and shop high-quality hand-crafted goods! You set the stage with your Sseko Fellow to provide a space where women feel inspired and energized. They will leave knowing they have a few more sisters who have their back!

How much product will my Fellow bring?2021-04-09T20:59:15+00:00

It depends! Your Fellow will let you know which product she’ll bring to your Sseko Event. Each Fellow starts off with a basic assortment of product. If they don’t have the product with them, the seasonal catalogs your Fellow has will help your customers be able to visualize the products.


Guests can place orders with your Sseko Fellow or shop your Event link. Your Fellow has a sample display of products to showcase during your Event and your guest’s purchases will be shipped directly to them.

If I live outside the U.S. can I host?2021-04-07T23:48:11+00:00

Currently, our Host and Fellows Program are only available to U.S. residents. We hope to someday open up these opportunities to everyone around the globe.

What is a Sseko Fellow?2018-11-14T01:16:12+00:00

Click here to learn more about the Sseko Fellows Program.

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