• Provides full-time employment to 39 people
  • 5% of their revenue can be attributed to Sseko alone

Benefits: Employees receive 30 days of vacation, two bonuses per year, each bonus equals a full salary. Compensation for time of service, family health insurance against all kinds of risks, personal loans with 0% interest.


Eldin enjoys crafting fine footwear and passing on his craft to others.

“Working here has given me economic stability for myself and for my family. What I like most is being able to teach everything that I have learned to new employees that we hire!”


  • Provides full-time employment to 300 people

In addition to receiving a fair wage and safe working environment, employees receive paid health insurance, paid vacation every year, micro-enterprise classes, and mentorship. This factory was founded in 2010, and some of their current employees have been with them since 2012!


Debora puts effort and love into everything she does. She was desperately looking for work when she found employment at this factory. Previously, Debora was selling food out of her home, but this didn’t satisfy her ambitions. Today, she says that she has grown to see the world in a positive way.

“Love is a beautiful thing. It means company, affection, and effort. I only move forward because of the love I feel for my children. Thank you for purchasing our products. This is how you help us to thrive and be better.”