• Sseko Designs Kenya Partner
  • Sseko Designs Kenya Partner
  • Sseko Designs Kenya Partner

Our Kenya Partner

Provides full-time employment to 8 people
Provides part-time employment to 6 people
45% of their revenue is attributed to Sseko


Benefits: Free Training on Product Development, Safety Standards, and Workshop Management, and provides Soft Loans to help them start a small business of their own.training and financial management training. Annual medical insurance, vacation services, holiday greetings pension

Employee Testimonial:

“I’m Ismael Oisebe, I’ve worked here for the last 5 years. My favorite products from Sseko are Wonder Cuff and Ring. I joined here after my “o” level, I got trained in jewelry and casting production, the workshop also supported me in pursuing my studies in automotive engineering and maintenance at diploma level. It’s also been my employer since the very first I joined, so far it has changed my life and the entire family.”