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The Pro Kit


$700+ of our best-selling product!
Foldover crossbody clutch

in Black

Medium moon clutch

in Black & Gold

safari bucket bag
multiway shawl

in Chianti

makeup bag

in Sweet Pea


in Leo

wristlet strap

in Cognac

brave bracelet
brave necklace

Short Chain

brave earrings
bravery piece
calming piece
peace piece
Motherhood piece
chiffon ribbons

in Sweet Pea

  • Fall 2019 Catalog (pack of 5)
  • Order Forms (pack of 15)
  • Fellows Manifesto
  • 60 Day Strong Start Poster
  • Fellows Opportunity Handout (pack of 5)
  • Hostess Opportunity Handout (pack of 10)
  • Sseko Tabletop Easel Sign
  • FW19 Leather Swatch (Complete Season)
  • FW19 Fabric Swatch
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