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The Pro Kit


$750+ of our best-selling product!
Ribbon Sandal

with Brown Base

Crossover Slide

in Caramel

Foldover crossbody clutch

in Black

small moon clutch

in Black & Gold

brave bracelet
brass moon necklace
safari bucket bag
multiway shawl

in Plume

adventure piece
bravery piece
laughter piece
peace piece
Motherhood piece
grey ribbons
teal ribbons
  • Spring 2019 Catalog (pack of 5)
  • Order Forms (pack of 15)
  • Fellows Manifesto
  • 60 Day Strong Start Poster
  • Fellows Opportunity Handout (pack of 5)
  • Hostess Opportunity Handout (pack of 10)
  • Sseko Tabletop Easel Sign
  • SS19 Leather Swatch (Complete Season)
  • SS19 Fabric Swatch
  • SS19 Ribbon Swatch
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