Onalenna FourMidable Multi-Way Top and Skirt

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Made and shipped to you by our FairlyStyled partners.

One piece, four ways. That’s right! Wear our signature, multifunctional FourMidable as a cape, a tube blouse, an asymmetrical blouse, and a skirt. And it feels as wonderful as it sounds. The elastic band gives this piece the flexibility you need to wear it multiple ways. Its rich two step layers drapes beautifully on all shapes and sizes. 

This piece is handcrafted in Nigeria by artisans earning a fair-wage for their work. In addition to creating a safe and beautiful work environment, our partners are caring by the planet with a solar-powered workshop and a commitment to sustainability through their No-Waste Initiative prioritizes fabric recycling, up-cycling and versatile designs. 

Fair to people. Fair to planet. FairlyStyled. 

  • 100% Cotton Ankara
  • Wear it Four Ways
  • One Size fits sizes S-L. One Size Plus fits sizes XL-3XL.
  • Front Approximately 16 inches long. Back Approximately 30 inches long.

Onalenna is a Setswana girl's name meaning "God is with me," or "He has protected me." Setswana is the national language of Botswana. 


Besida garments tell a story – and you are the author. With Besida’s functional, ethically-made multi-way pieces, you become a radiant embodiment of thoughtful living.

Handmade in the heart of Benin City by skilled local tailors, Besida is your journey back to the homeland.

Our story begins with our ancestors who adorned themselves with the most unique designs, rich colors, and beautiful accessories.

Founder Sophia Danner-Okotie returned to her childhood in Nigeria to bring that story full circle and reach for the hands that laid the foundation for women like her and women like you.

Resist Waste.

We Africans are a resourceful people by nature. As our nations develop and our communities depend on one another, we value the resources that we have. It is in our bones to resist waste.

As the tide of fast fashion comes and goes, Besida is making a longstanding commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. Our No-Waste Initiative prioritizes fabric recycling and extending the lifecycle of your wardrobe.

We are constantly coming up with new ideas to make use of scrapped materials. From face masks to headbands, our creativity is untamed.

Embrace Change

Our design process begins with the intention to make a garment functional. We embrace the waves of change and encourage you to as well.

Many of our products are either one size fits all or leave room for two sizes. With flexible sizing, your Besida evolves with you as you change, as your body changes, and as your style changes.

Our artisans ensure that you can fit into your garment, no matter how you want to wear it. 

From the elastic and draping to the zippers and buttons, we design our pieces with you in mind.

Nurture Community.

Besida began with a story of homelands. Our community comes above all.

In an age of fast fashion and consumer culture, Besida is retelling this story. Our main priority is to produce beautifully and ethically made garments. Our factory is set to be partially solar-powered by 2023 to decrease our total energy footprint and ensure the job security of our tailors and their families from blackouts caused by the Nigerian power grid.

With the echo of those who came before us, we embrace our resourcefulness and resist waste. Our multifunctional designs gift you endless possibilities: more style choice, more versatility, and more lifetime for your garments.

Our fine artisans are not just the hearts behind your handcrafted Besida garments, they are our sisters. Every purchase returns us to the bonds of a lifetime.

In every stitch, we are sewing our destiny – and destiny decides all.


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