Sseko Ankle Strap Crossover in Agave Sheepskin & Alabaster

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$69.99 USD

This strappy, yet secure sandal is a sassy little showstopper. With the pop of Agave and the softness of Alabaster you’ll find a way to work this footwear into every wardrobe possible this spring. This sandal is the same style you might recognize from our custom shop, but this color combo is exclusively offered right here. 

  • Leather & Latex-Free Rubber
  • Crossover Upper and Ankle Strap
  • Flat Base 
  • Ankle Strap Comes in Extended Length and Must Be Cut To Size for Best Fit
  • See Size Guide
  • Made in Uganda - learn more

We’ve made the long ankle strap on your new sandal a little longer to ensure a better fit for all sizes! Don’t fret if it’s too long, the leather we use is easy to cut down to size with a pair of sharp scissors. To cut your straps to your custom length, put your sandals on and buckle them where it feels most comfortable. We recommend leaving at least 2 inches of strap length past the buckle, so if your strap is longer than that, trim it back! Cut the leather strap at a 45º angle along a buckle hole, and voilà! You now have a pair of sandals that are fit to YOU (and you helped make them!)