Sseko Sandal Strap BUNDLE!

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$50.00 USD
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$200.00 USD
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$50.00 USD
The sandals that started in all are BACK! Sseko Ribbon sandals can be purchased at Noonday Collection. If you've already got a pair of Ribbon Sandals or you're looking to expand your ribbon collection, this ULTIMATE BUNDLE is for YOU! 
This bundle contains $200 worth of Sseko Sandal Ribbons for 75% off! 
  1. Gingham Cotton Ribbons
  2. Specialty Kitenge Ribbons 
  3. Silver Silk Ribbons 
  4. Blue Nile Cotton Ribbons 
  5. Alabaster Cotton Ribbons 
  6. Quail Cotton Ribbons 
  7. Tiger Lily Cotton Ribbons 
  8. Gold Shimmer Ribbons
  9. Orchid You Not Cotton Ribbons 
  10. Chiffon Ribbons in Monet 
  11. Purple Ribbons 
  12. Black Spaghetti Straps
  13. Tan Spaghetti Straps 
  14. Obuvumu Ribbons