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Become a Fellow

Using fashion to create opportunity & community for women globally.

How it works

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1. JOIN our team

Interview with a woman at Sseko

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3. Connect here

Share the Sseko story (and style tips!) online and at Trunk Shows

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4. Connect there

Each Fellow is matched with a woman on our team in Uganda!


5. Earn

Commission on all sales (plus other perks!)


6. Grow

We’ll provide you with the mentorship and tools to create a business that fits your lifestyle, whatever that may be!

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image “I became a Sseko Fellow because I wanted to know I could make an impact in the world- Not just in my little home but in the world. I want to raise my girls to think beyond just our little sphere and live lives where our love and our choices make a difference. Sseko gives me that opportunity! I love that I get to involve my whole family in my Sseko business and decisions. The girls love to watch me work and my husband gets inspired right alongside me. I started out as a fellow wanting to impact lives in Uganda, but I think it's made as much of a difference in me and my family's lives!”

-Febe, Sseko Fellow

image“I'm a Sseko Fellow because it's exactly what I never knew I was looking for. I've always loved shopping for meaningful gifts for loved ones, and I would spend hours combing the internet, looking for something beautiful that no one was exploited to make. When I stumbled onto Sseko, it was like I was home -- beautiful product and an even more beautiful story! As a major added bonus, I get to be part of a community unlike anything I've ever seen ... these are my people. “

-Karen, Sseko Fellow

You've got questions? We've got answers!

As a Sseko Fellow, you become a representative of Sseko in your community. By sharing the Sseko story with your community and selling Sseko products through trunk shows as well as online, you’ll become an integral part of making dreams come true for women in Uganda. From the in’s and out’s of impact entrepreneurship, to running an actual small business, to marketing and product development, as a Sseko Fellow you’ll have the opportunity to learn it all. Oh! And you’ll also make money, earn free and discounted products and have a chance to participate in things like trips to Uganda and annual Sseko Fellow gatherings.

Trunk shows provide a unique way for women to learn about the Sseko story and experience Sseko products in person! Your Hostess will invite her crew over for a time of fun and fashion. As the Sseko Fellow, you’ll represent Sseko at the trunk show by sharing the Sseko story, connecting guests to your Sseko Sister in Uganda and by walking them through Sseko products. Your Fellow is the Sseko expert!

When it comes to booking trunk shows, we provide the necessary training, tools and materials to help you dive right in! We recommend starting with women in your closest social circles—those who really resonate with Sseko’s mission, and are pumped to earn up to 25% Sseko credit to get herself some goodies!

Your Hostess simply invites her friends and opens up her home, while you as the Fellow bring the products in your Starter Kit in addition to order forms and catalogs. Guests at the Trunk Show get the opportunity to shop Sseko directly through you which contributes to our impact around the world while your Hostess earns some free Sseko swag, and you earn a commission on sales. We like to call that a #winning trifecta!

As a Sseko Fellow, you’ll earn up to 30% commission on personal sales, up to 10% on your team’s commissionable volume, and up to 50% off of Sseko product. See our full income disclosure here!

Certainly not! With the Fellows program, we strive to create opportunities for women to step out of their comfort zone, connect, learn and reach their fullest potential. We know you have a story that’s unlike anyone else’s, and that will bring an inspiration to our product that no one else can bring! If you don’t know how to bring that inspiration in the context of sales yet, that’s no problem. We have a training program and a team that will help you get there!
The great thing about the Fellows Program is it’s flexible! Whether you want to spend 5 hours a week, or 8 hours every day as a full-time gig, it’s up to you! We've put together this speedy little quiz to help you determine how many hours you personally might invest into being a Fellow!

Currently our Fellows Program is only available to those residing in the U.S. We hope that someday we’ll be able to roll out the program global scale! If you’d like to be first on our list when we expand internationally, feel free to apply!

To remain active, we look at the Fellows last six months of activity. If you hit $500 in personal volume in the last six months of being a Fellow, you remain active! If you sell less than $500 in personal volume in the last six months, you go inactive. There are no repercussions for going inactive, it’s just a warning bell for us to get in touch with you and get active again! After nine months of less than $500 in personal volume, a Fellow retires. There are no fees or hidden agendas when you retire - sometimes it’s just not the right season for you, and we totally get it!

The up-front investment is up to you! When you join the Fellows program, you’ll purchase your Starter Kit which will get you started with Sseko product! We’ve developed Starter Kit options for every price point, ranging from $99 for students to $999 for the Ultra Kit. Fellows primarily use the items in their Starter Kit to show the product to customers and then submit orders online. These orders are directly shipped to the customer. Fellows are also welcome and able to purchase product at discounts up to 50% off to sell directly to the customer from their own stock. This additional option of purchasing at wholesale is not required.

Yes! There is an opportunity to become a Mentor Fellow and lead other women on a team (as well as earn some extra income!). This is an additional role for the Sseko Fellow who wants to help lead other women in story, sales, and style. Our mentors are an integral part of why we have an amazing culture in the Sseko Fellows Program!
The Sseko Fellows Program empowers you through a strong one-to-one connection to a woman on our team in Uganda who’s working towards her own goals and dreams. While you make a difference in your community by sharing your passion and talents, she’s making a difference in her community an ocean away. Not only will you be showing off beautiful products, but you’ll also be sharing the beautiful stories behind them. As a Sseko Fellow, you’re not just selling things, you’re part of a movement that’s creating lasting social and economic impact in the U.S. and East Africa.