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Each season, our team will curate a box full of Sseko products we know you’ll love. Each box will include an EXCLUSIVE item only available in the subscription box. You’ll get a new box with new items delivered 4 times per year.


When you receive your box, we know you’ll love each hand-crafted item created by our team of skilled artisans from all over the world. Share your unboxing with us by tagging your photos with #SsekoSubscription.


Your purchase will make an impact! The items in your box are fair-trade, ethical, and sustainable. Each product is created from the hands, hearts, and minds of artisans from all over the world who are working toward an incredible future.

$75 (plus shipping)

When you subscribe, you’ll receive a beautifully curated box full of hand-selected items from Sseko, including an exclusive item! Once you sign up for the spring box, you will receive the next box automatically. Each box includes a savings of at least $15 off the regular retail price. There is no long-term contract and you can cancel at any time. There are no annual options available at this time.


Summer 2020 box

What’s included:
  • Small Moon Clutch in Lavender (subscription box exclusive)
  • Scrunchie in Pink Swirls (subscription box exclusive)
  • Short Brave Necklace
  • Unity Piece
  • Learning Piece
  • Leather Petal Earring in Agave (subscription box exclusive)
get a coupon for a free brave bracelet with your first subscription box purchase

The Brave Bracelet is a handcrafted bracelet designed to be worn with interchangeable charm pieces that easily slide on and off. Each Brave Piece you add to your bracelet signifies a moment, decision or dream. We hope this bracelet serves as a reminder of where you have been, inspiration for where you are going and a symbol of what lies within you. Piece by piece, each unique Brave Bracelet will tell your story.

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Will I know what items are in each Subscription box?2020-02-14T16:38:57+00:00

Yes! An image and a list of the items included in the current box will be displayed on the Product Page of the Subscription box.  This page will be updated after the next season’s box launches. Sseko will not announce prior to the box launch what items will be included in the next season’s box.

What is the value of the Subscription Box?2020-02-14T16:28:50+00:00

Each box will have over $90+ in value of items, and each subscription will also come with a Free Brave Bracelet coupon (shipping not included). The Brave Bracelet coupon is only good once for each customer (not with every box received). 

Is there free shipping on the Subscription Box?2020-02-14T16:40:21+00:00

No.  Standard flat rate shipping of $5.95 will be charged for each Subscription box.

How often does the Subscription Box ship?2020-02-14T16:31:25+00:00

There will be new subscription boxes with each calendar season.  Rough shipping time for each box will be:

  • Spring- February
  • Summer – May
  • Fall – August
  • Holiday – November
How does the subscription work?2020-02-14T16:22:46+00:00

When you purchase the subscription box and your card will be charged each season within a few days of your box being shipped. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

How do I cancel my Subscription Box?2020-02-14T19:12:05+00:00

If you need to cancel your Subscription Box, you can do so by contacting Customer Care at [email protected] or 503-542-7492. You must cancel your subscription before the items in the next box are released.

Can I use a coupon on the Subscription Box to receive a discount?2020-02-14T16:42:03+00:00

Generally no. Subscription boxes will rarely be discounted.  It is possible that a coupon specific to the subscription box will be released at some point, but there are no plans for that.

Can I return a Subscription Box?2020-02-14T19:02:16+00:00

Subscription boxes will not be eligible for returns except in the case of a manufacturing defect.  If you have received a damaged product, reach out to your Fellow and they will help you get it replaced

Can I purchase an annual subscription?2020-02-14T16:27:23+00:00

Not currently. The only option available is to purchase a quarterly subscription. Your card will be charged each quarter within a few days of the box shipping out to you. 

Can Fellows purchase the Subscription Box?2020-02-14T16:44:38+00:00

Yes! Fellows can purchase the subscription box, and the purchase will count as a Personal Purchase towards your PV. Your Fellows discount will apply to the subscription box.

Your Purchase Makes an Impact

When you purchase a Sseko Subscription Box, you’re not only receiving a beautiful collection of products. Your purchase is helping to employ arisans all over the world who are working toward an incredible future. You’re boldly declaring that it matters to you how something is made. By choosing to purchase fair-trade items, you’re contributing to global econimies, empowering people to reach their full potential, and building opportunity for women globally. You can read more about our impact here.

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