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Meet Joan!


About: Joan grew up as the sixth of nine children, with a single mother. Her mother doesn't have a job, but her family enjoys spending time together, even when things are tough. She loves wearing purple, watching Nigerian movies, and learning about history. Her favorite thing to do is sing. Her friends describe her as quiet and understanding, and she looks up to Mother Theresa, who "considers even those who are lower than her." Someday she'd like to visit Dubai to learn about the minerals and resources there.

Future Plans: At Sseko, she's looking forward to learning skills that will help her even outside, in the future. Joan hopes that future includes studying social administration in order to become a public administrator. She sees a lot of corruption in public offices and wants to be someone who sets things right. What does it mean to be brave?: Being brave means having the courage to take on something even when you think you are not the best person to take on that particular thing.” But having the courage to do it, that is what I think being brave is.

Joan headed off to University! She embarked off to pursue her dreams. Her first step... starting at Makerere university studing psychology!

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More about Joan

What does it mean to be brave?

Joan: What does it mean to be brave? from Sseko Fellows on Vimeo.