Sseko Designs started under a mango tree in Uganda with the purpose of creating educational opportunities for academically gifted female scholars. To date, Sseko has created opportunities for hundreds of female scholars to continue on to University and become leaders in their community and our world.

  • Since the day Sseko began with just three women making sandals under a mango tree in Uganda, we have been committed to building a business that creates dignity and opportunity for every person involved. The factories where our products are produced are safe places, every partner we work with is carefully evaluated, and every artisan fairly compensated.

    Currently, less than 2% of the people who make our fashion earn a living wage, and we are on a mission to change that. By shopping Sseko, you’re supporting Sseko’s mission to create a world where beautiful products are made by folks building beautiful lives.

    In 2016 we launched a social-selling community called the Sseko Fellows and in 2022, we merged our community and global supply chain with Noonday Collection to create the world’s largest fair-trade social selling brand! To shop even more Sseko products  – including the Ribbon Sandals that started it all – head to Noonday Collection!

    Thank you for being here and co-creating the magic with and alongside us. Your support truly means the world.

  • Sseko Designs Uganda
Sseko Designs Uganda

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Sseko x Noonday

Sseko has merged our social selling community, known as Sseko Fellows, with the Noonday Collection community and we are now operating as one fair-trade, social selling company under the Noonday Collection brand.

If you’ve shopped through a Sseko Fellow in the past, there is a good chance they are now a Noonday Collection Ambassador, selling both Noonday and Sseko products through Noonday Collection. We encourage you to continue shopping through your Fellow-gone-Ambassador and hosting shows through Noonday. By shopping through your Noonday Ambassador at Noonday Collection, you’re supporting fair-wage job creation globally, our community of female scholars in developing economies and your Ambassador! Our FW22 Sseko x Noonday collection just dropped and you can shop the full head-to-toe fair-trade fashion collection here! 

Meanwhile, to continue to create maximum impact for our artisan network across the globe, will continue to operate as a direct-to-consumer fair-trade fashion house. Here, we’re offering Sseko products that are not available through Noonday Collection. We will continue to evolve our fair-trade business and support artisan organizations across the globe. When you shop through you’re supporting business owners like Agnes who are growing their own businesses and serving multiple customers — like Sseko and Noonday Collection! We appreciate your support of all our small businesses as we all work to create a more fair, just and equitable fashion eco-system!

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