• Sseko Designs Southeast Asia Partner
  • Sseko Designs Southeast Asia Partner

Our Southeast Asia Partner

Provides full-time employment up to 288 people
Provides part-time employment up to 49 people
Employs 165 women, full and part-time
5% of their revenue is attributed to Sseko

Benefits: educational/schooling opportunities, vocational training, counseling, safe home accommodation, daycare and access to medical care. Bonuses, technical training and financial management training. Annual medical insurance, vacation services, holiday greetings pension

We are thrilled to partner with a fellow member of the Fair Trade Federation for the production on some of our jewelry. This production partner is a Social Enterprise with a Holistic Care Program that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. We are so excited to partner with this organization that has employed and trained over 150 women and served thousands more through their local community outreach.

In addition to a fair wage, they provide artisans with vocational and educational training, counseling, medical care, shelter, food, and educational grants for children of the women in our holistic care program.

Our ceramic and thermal coffee mugs are made in Xiamen and Zhejiang, China by two companies that have been audited by a verified third party and certified SEDEX partners. The SEDEX Social Responsibility audit is the highest audit standard available and is used to ensure our that our production partners are paid fairly and treated with dignity and operate according to Sseko’s core values. These coffee accessory products have the same impact as the rest of Sseko products on generating university scholarships for female scholars across the globe!